Monday, 18 May 2009

Hide, Seek, Scream

Damp, dull weather this week hasn’t been a problem for us. The conservatory is finally cool and it doesn’t matter that the windows can’t be opened wide. Then there is the garden of course! Look at the Irises – popping their petals every-which-way! I am waiting for the bearded yellow one which really is the most glorious of the bunch.Darcy and Bingley are growing; can you see the difference from the earlier photos? Their back legs are fluffing out and necks thickening. Establishing something of a routine yet always on the look-out for something NEW to try nibbling!
... "I think she's spotted me..!" It isn’t easy trying to do things around the house with fluffy white boys on ones heels and I am through my eighth pair of tights.
A favourite occupation has become the ‘hide and then jump human slave’ game. Extra satisfying when eliciting a scream! "..if I hide in here, she won't see me"!

Either that, or the balancing act trick – possible to draw cries if done as high as possible and with the potential of breakages of some kind. This was a mere beginning! "what next..?" ... Gone fishing....
.. light at the end of the tunnel... or is that a pusskin..?
.. shop till you drop..! "I would like a sparkly red collar, a feather toy (so mad about them that I just have to growl when I bite one) and some tuna and shrimp"!

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  1. Wonderful photos again! Especially I love the facial expression in the last one!!!
    Your iris is stunning. I don't have much luck with them here, having tried over the last couple of years. But every time the snails and slugs get the better of me! So any tips for growing them without copious slug pellets, gratefully received!
    Happy days.
    D xxx


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