Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Hum... more outdoor adventures, but am feeling edgy with Darcy. He is suddenly climbing EVERYTHING... up the apple tree.. Then the plum tree which borders our garden .. now that is a worry because he can easily jump onto the wall from there and be gone (eek .. sob).

He even lobbed himself at the wall before slithering along the conservatory drain pipe. I thought Birmans were more placid.. stay around types? Bingley stared at his brothers antics with his tongue out then attempted a shimmy up the apple tree, clinging uncertainly there for a bit and then, unsure how best to complete the trip... just let go and twisted in a poor impression of a stunt man.
No, this outdoor business has me in a lather. I can't see me ever sitting relaxing to read, doze, sip wine with my hubby again but forever alert to feline escapees. I love them too much to ever lose them. My spirits were distracted, indeed lifted, by the most gorgeous Birthday present from the dearest of friends - all handmade of course... thank you to Denise XX


  1. NB: For the word "quite" in the following comment read "exceedingly"....

    Dear Quite Lovely Helen
    Thank you for your quite lovely comments over at my pages, and here's just to let you know that you truly are quite delightful in every way!
    D xx

  2. Mom is the same, she can never relax when we're outside. She such a snooperviser!


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