Monday, 3 August 2009


A special invitation, indeed more than that, an honour! My husband is sharing in Loughborough University's Centenary celebrations and joins others at the University from many years back (too many to divulge here) to be presented with an honorary BSc. We stop off at Quorn for tapas on route...

It is accompanied by an electric storm, lightening, cracks of thunder and flooding. The lights go out in the tapas bar and we eat in dim stormy half light...

On arrival (we are staying in student rooms, minus students), we discover he has packed odd shoes... oops! We blame it on the distraction techniques deployed by those kittens of ours!

The ceremony is formal, rather long but special for a special man.

Friends link up after years and years apart...

Once home the golden medal (no its not made of chocolate) is shared with the 'boys' who delight in the reflected glory!


  1. Hello there!
    We are so proud of Mr Haven and his honorary degree - not to mention a medal too!! So funny about the shoes, but they do look very similar!
    Happy days and big hugs to you
    Denise x

  2. It looks like you enjoyed the special day (and I'm sure no-one noticed the odd shoes!) Your cats are GORGEOUS! I wish our Maine Coons were as well behaved as your balls of fluff (well, they look very angelic in the photo with their medal!)! Katie x

  3. Hello there dear one!
    I have tagged you over on my blog if you'd like to play along - just a random book related tag!
    Happy days
    Denise x

  4. They are Darlings !
    Congratulation to your Husband !


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