Monday, 21 September 2009

Home Grown

Now the light and bright season is drawing to an end, I thought I would take the chance to share a little of what my hubby and I dug, raked, planted, grew, nurtured, cooked, ate and generally shared... 'Growing our own' has been a wonderful experience this year, and I think we did quite well.
I forfeited my nails, even with gloves sometimes worn, the earth gets inside and under!
Not only vegetables and fruit but a gorgeous flower display to attract the bees and anything else we hope might eat the greenfly...
The best crop of strawberries ever, oh, and we did wash them after the boys had finished investigating.
Some very hot chillies grown in the conservatory... get the glass of water ready.
How is that for a pepper?!
The first year free of blight - grown in the conservatory, our tomatos thrived and we had over 60 from each of our three plants.

Not a single lettuce bought all Summer ....

The star of our show - peaches, the small tree grown from a stone... produces wonderful fruit - 6 beauties, sliced with clotted cream.
Hubby calls the allotment the 'Green Gym' - all round fitness guaranteed - not bad for £6.00 membership a year!
Some of the harvest ......
First year growing celery - its twice as high now....
Parsnips coming on for winter picking, and hopefully for Christmas!
Anyone for squash soup? I have a superb receipe with coconut milk.
Hundreds of runner beans, we were giving them away in bundles!


  1. ooh yummy! If we hadn't just eaten our tea, I'd be starving by now! As we scrolled down the post, Mr Bun noticed that the top of the peach looks like somebody's bald head..... though I say much tastier! Those peaches look divine- do you ever grill them with sugar on top?
    The squash soup sounds great - can you post the recipe on here?
    Happy week to you
    D x

  2. This is just wonderful. Wonderful! The membership is ridiculous mom says. She also said that we're packing our stuff and will be moving in with you. That's a bit early, is it?

  3. WOW! Wot a wonderful crop.

    Milo and Alfie xx


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