Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Home but not alone

Just between you and me. I have clocked the suitcases.
Mr and Mrs H are on the move. We usually go with them, but I have a nasty suspicion that we aren't this time because the 'Senior Havens' have arrived and Mrs H has a list of how to look after us in her hand! (Yes! as if it isn't obvious!)

My brother is pre-occupied in searching for our travelling stuff because he hasn't accepted that he isn't on the travel itinerary.

[Comment from Mrs H: We are off to France for a long weekend... tell you all about when we get back next week. Have a wonderful time until we meet again.]


  1. Have a fabulous weekend!

    I have an only uncle...who lives in Bergamo, Italy, with his Italian wife. It's nothing for him to go to London, Vienna, etc. for a weekend. Meanwhile, I'm agog at how easily and quickly he can travel to all these wonderful places. But of course the distances are not vast, as they are here.

  2. Have a splendid trip dear one! Love to you both :-)
    And to D and B : be the best kitties for the Senior Havens :-)
    D x

  3. Bingley and Darcy, You make my day.

    I am sorry your travelling stuff can't be found. But perhaps the Sr Havens will have treats for you both.

    Tell M&M H to have a wonderful long weekend in France................

  4. Well we fink yoo are in safe paws ....erm .. we mean safe hands, wiv the senior Havens. We hope yoor beans have a super trip.

  5. Have a wonderful weekend, Mr. and Mrs. H! Darcy and Bingley, we know you'll miss your mom and dad while they are away, but hope you have fun with the senior Havens.

  6. Just the words, off to France ... that's exciting to me. Sorry you couldn't bring the Purrs with you though ...

  7. Oh Honey darlings...Mummy will make absolutely sure you are well looked after. And my goodness you are SO SO gorgeous, both of you.

  8. Oh well, at least you can tell your sitters about that funny little rule that you need treats every 20 minutes....

  9. Darcy and Bingley, we hope you have fun with the Senior Havens! Think of it as your own holiday!!

  10. I felt sorry for the kitties at first, then realised that it may not be so bad to be cat-sat by the seniors. I hope you have a really lovely time in France. x

  11. Hello sweethearts, I was sick so I didn't come to meow but here I am. You look so beautiful as always.


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