Wednesday, 19 January 2011

sales fest

A certain someone has been buying in the sales!
Online purchasing is the worst kind of addiction because this someone doesn't know when to stop.
And its Boden.
But the boxes are great and I get to help rip things open! 
This certain someone has been looking for a gift for us too (naturally)
The one she loves most is a beautiful wooden indoor tower.
It is very expensive and I heard her saying
"but what if they don't use it?"
... and there is some truth in this.
We used to LOVE sitting on top of the cupboard
but now we don't.
We used to stare at the pipes in the airing cupboard
but now we don't.
We used to sit on the back of the chairs
but now we don't.
We used to ....


  1. It is very hard to spend the green papers for something and then we show our mom's and dad's that we don't like it. I have done that a few times myself to mom.
    You look delightful in your wrapping paper and ribbons. Just like the gift that you are. ♥

  2. Ooh, I'm very much liking the packaging :-)
    Cats and boxes with tissue paper - it's an endless source of delight, isn't it?
    D x

  3. Well, we have to be honest too... we do like variety in our lives too! Since that indoor tower is there, you might as well give a chance to test it's entertainment and amusement value!

    Mmmm.... five tails for excellent... or Zero for bum-out choice, Mom!

  4. Boxes and tissue paper and ribbons?
    Pure bliss.

    We have a Lotus tower and we LOVE it! There IS a monster in the bottom cubby, though...none of us will go in it.

  5. A good box is the best. Big Al has one that was from the holidays. Still has a bow and wrapping paper in it. They boys trade off who's in it first.

  6. Our mom almost bought that tower for us...but then decided not to, because she didn't think we would like it...she got us our ladder instead and we love it!!

  7. It's happen to me too !
    Well... What can we say...We just be honest !!! At least we did try our best ! Two second : )

  8. Sometimes we don't like noo stuff at first ~ then we get used to it, then we go off it, then we play wiv it again. MOL! We like to keep mom on her toes!

  9. How wonderful would it be to open a lovely Boden box of delights and find a handsome furry chap like Darcy inside amongst the tissue paper?! So much more exciting than a new jumper! If Darcy and Bingley don't take to the wooden tower (loving it, by the way!), you could always use it as a plant/vase/bag holder! Xx

  10. All it takes is for one of us to like something...then ALL of us want it!

  11. Cardboard boxes, tissue paper and dangling tape = Fun!

  12. We like to keep our mom and dad guessing, too. You could always have them just get you a box ... those are always fun, and we seem to enjoy them even more than their contents. :)

  13. Cute pictures! You are very adorable. Nice box with tissue!
    Carolyn Johnson

  14. Well, guess who else wants one of those now too? It would certainly look better than the clawed up trees that our crew now perches on in the home office.

    Re: the cherry-rose-hibiscus green tea:
    Here's the link!
    Hope you can get it sent to the UK...wish we were closer, I'd pop over with some to share.


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