Saturday, 12 February 2011

bring on the colour

At the local Sue Ryder Hospice Sale I discovered this sweet little Beswick tomato dish.
A bargin at £2.

... and now for a little tour around the garden because we finally got outside when it dried up.
I couldn't wait to plant up some colour....
... one frosted pot casualty...

... and lots of colour.... hoorah!


  1. You have color !!!
    I hope mine arrives soon ... as in, go away cold weather.

  2. I LOVE that dish and it most certainly was a bargain. Beswick is always so colourful! And the colour in the garden is beautiful!


  3. Hooray for color! We still have ice on the ground here, so it is nice of you to share such pretty garden sights with us! :)

  4. Mommy Loves the tomato dish! Our yard needs color too. Even in the desert things go bare and dormant; we had below freezing temps several nights in a row and even the fruit trees look a little sad.
    And the Nip? Well, we'd rather not think about it...

  5. Yay for color in the garden. We got some snowdrops popping this weekend, but they are I don't think that counts...right?

  6. I have a similar dish - a bit darker green - that I inherited from my Mum's collection. You certainly have spring colour in your garden. What a shame about the pot.

  7. i am so jealous that you have colour in the garden!! and i love!! that tomato dish! you are right that it is a bargain!!


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