Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ all to play for

If I can't see you... you can't see me, right?!
This is one of my MANY special talents!
Coupled with careful positioning near birdy food stations (why put in effort when they can fly to you)
::3 paw taps::
... this is our cat mint, grown especially for us...
(but between you and us, Mrs H would be gutted to learn this... we are just NOT interested .. the stuff leaves us cold)

We all have high hopes for the plums this year but for different reasons...
we want to bat them about, the Havens want to eat them (how could they?!)

.. oh.. and a little more of those dastardly crab apples...

We have had many big spots of rain fall here, and about time too..
we don't go out in it but we like the smell afterwards
(and Mrs H smiles a lot cos she doesn't have to hose)

What has your weather been like..?


  1. Just love the first picture on you Mr Darcy :)
    The Crab apples lookes like much fun to play with ??!!
    Here in Sweden it has been raining everyday for a week now.
    Both me and mom think´s it´s enough now !!!

  2. oh so handsome- and doesn't he know it!

  3. Darcy, I have the plum too , but I never play with the plum fruit but after I saw you play, Next spring..It will be my new toy : ) Thanks for the idea my friend : )

    PS : I'm in winter right now

  4. Darcy, you are so lucky you get to climb a tree!! And we can't believe you don't love your catmint! We LOVE ours!! 'Cept mom keeps it outside so we don't get to it much.

    Today our weather is cloudy and cooler...and maybe some rain later today.

  5. Our weather has been hot and dry and we would LOVE to have some rain.

    The blooms on your cat mint are gorgeous.

  6. Darcy, we totally didn't even see you in that first picture ... you are a very skilled hider. :)

    Your garden certainly looks lush and beautiful. Compliments to Mrs. H.!

    Our weather's been hot and humid. Now we're in a pattern for a few days where we're getting lots of thunderstorms. At least the plants and grass are getting lots of water. :)

  7. Darcy, you sure know how to make us love you! That first photo is perfect...

  8. It's been raining for days overe here too. On top the weather changes every ten seconds because of the wind, you never know what's next. We love your strategic pawsition, Darcy. Very clever! We think your mom grows Nepeta faassenii and not Nepeta cataria. Nepeta cataria isn't as attractive for the human eye as the kind she's growing, but it might be more interesting for you guys. Our plants are blooming right now so let us know if we should harvest some seeds. We were planning on a little seed exchange anyway. Gardening Cats have to stick together!
    Siena & Chilli

  9. Meow again :)
    You wonder where I got my camo-harness ?
    It´s a bit embarrassing to have to tell you that it is a doggie harness from Puppia.But they work for cat`s too atleast the Ritefit model does. My harness is called Pupia Combat-Ritefit Harness and are availible in grean , blue and pink camo. Then there are Puppia -Ritefit Harness that are availible in a lot of colors. Mom say´s that it´s importend that you buy the ritefit model because on that modell you can adjust it around the neck on both sides and of course under your belly. The best is that you don´t have to pull it over your head :)I guess size SMALL will fit you too (I weigh 4,5 kg). My mom bought it from a Swedish catsite called But if you google on Puppia we believe that you can find it in your country too.
    Love from Kjelle Bus

  10. Darcy, you look so brave up on your tree limb! Too bad you don't like your special cat mint...send some across the pond to us!! Our weather has been very cool and rainy for June in Maine, but we like it. Our Penny especially loves to go out into our cat enclosure during a rain storm. She is such a dare devil!

    Enjoy your weather, whatever it may be!

    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. You are a super covert kitty. We can't see you. Honest.

  12. At last we have summer temperatures outside and our four-old Hart, new gal Frenchie, almost one year old Tate and Bitsy are loving being out and chasing flying insects and climbing trees.

    The responsible older two are wecome to come and go outside at will, being older they prefer naps in the sunshine and so not stray. The babies? They are closely supervised, and and the dickens to catch when it is time to come in.

    The new kid in your town looks like a great guy!

  13. Weather here has been hot and humid. We had a lot of rain in May, and then nothing in June till the end of last week. Something on the order of 4 inches in 48 hours, most of it on Friday.

  14. Such handsome cats - I like the first 'invisible' photo - bet the birds didn't know you were there!


  15. Well our weather has been mixed. One day sunny, the next day cold. Mom moans she doesn't know what to wear for the best! Yesterday was really HOT and today ... it looks like rain. :sheesh:


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