Monday, 1 August 2011

the smell of seaweed

When they go out (and sometimes they do),
we know just what to do...
prepare ourselves for a kip (and wait)!

The Havens visited a friend in Helford

It was misty and damp but still wonderful..

they went for a walk and met this dog...

Mrs Haven threw him lots of sticks and he crouched in readiness...
and never grew bored

.. he looked sad when she finally had to go..

... there were secret little cottages hidden away (this one can apparently be rented from the National Trust)

they walked for miles..

... and visited a gallery and garden (Mrs H can't recall the name of it nor find it on the web but it is being developed by the ex-wife of someone in the 'Who' band and is in Helford)

The trip was topped off with homemade cake and clotted cream.
They smelt of seaweed when they got home.


  1. You boys sure look comfy in that first picture. :)

    What a lovely jaunt Mr. and Mrs. Haven had. Helford is beautiful! We are curious about the house in that fourth picture ... was it built that way, or is it off the foundation?

  2. I really must visit that part of England one day. Thank yo for sharing these photos!

  3. Oh that sounds like a lovely place to visit. We would love to be in that cute little cottage. And the doggie looked very nice.

  4. Me too prepare myself when my 2-legged goes out :)
    Lovely pictures from your 2-legged´s trip !!!

  5. Sounds like a purrfect day for the Havens :-)
    And you boys certainly enjoyed snuggling up on the duvet, didn't you?!

  6. Poor lonely woofie !!! I hope he has home.
    And I hope you all have a lovely day

  7. What a nice thing to smell of, seaweed!

  8. It's so beautiful. Sometimes I really miss European scenery....


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