Monday, 26 September 2011

the art of tolerance

Otis, Ellwood and Mr Bingley

Toleration is my favourite word at the moment.
I deploy it each time these two neighbouring boys come visiting (which is daily).
They follow me around, thinking they are stalking (but they have much to learn)
They steal my sticks.
Drink my water.
Sit on my wormery.
AND... pooh in my shrubbery!

I do my hard stare but mainly I ignore them (passive aggressive is my preferred style)
This is becoming white cat city.


  1. We're trying to decide which of these crime is the worst...

    hmmm... ::ponders::

    The wormery-sitting! Yes. That's the most heinous of the lot.

  2. Oh, they're very handsome! Maybe you'll all become friends.

    Frankly, we're impressed you're practicing tolerance! We can't say our Nicki would do the same with visiting cats in his territory. :-P

  3. Oh Mr. Bingley...looks like you have double trouble with Otis and Ellwood....I expect they are probably just a tad jealous of your lovely garden and all your pretty flowers
    Hugs Madi

  4. Wow, Bingley, we are impressed with your tolerance. We wouldn't be so nice to introoders.

  5. Give them the back of disrespect.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Dear Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley,
    I am so happy you came to my birthday pawty yesterday! We all had a great time! My sister Penelope (the Cat From Hell) told me that she thinks you were then handsomest guys there!
    Thanks for coming!

  7. Such a pretty picture. Visitors are okay, as long as they know who the REAL boss is (and that's YOU, Mr. Bingley)!

  8. Veru botiful picture on you Mr Bingley and the nextdoor cat´s !
    I admire how calm you are , me would have hissed and wawed paws a lot !!!

  9. You three together could rule the world of cute. Our advice? Play up! And get treats.

  10. Go Bingley! You sort them out !! ;-)

  11. Funny..... we're glad you fellows are developing your patience and tolerance with your neighbours......

  12. Lovely picture
    its good to see you outside :-)

  13. They are so scrawny! Need Mr. B to show them what a real cat looks like!!


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