Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday in the garden ~ and no further

Twice when under a year old, Darcy wondered off and lost himself. Then he settled and for two years, as a shy little boy, he stayed near the back of the house. He is only let out when we are home and never at night. But then one unusual morning over Christmas he had a scatty turn and went walk about which involved dashing with tail held high, across a main road! Mrs H witnessed this (in her dressing gown from a window) and was nauseous for days and days afterwards. She kept him inside and fixed up a fence. She is exploring the possibility of a freedom fence if Mr Darcy looks like he might consider doing that again...


... the unpredictable explorer who is risking all.


... and the brother who just potters, give him a wall and a view and why want for more?

The rubber sensor frog! (from the pound shop).. croaks at Darcy who runs away from the access to the escape point, for the time being, anyway.
(someone or something has since chewed froggies foot but he still croaks)

... the plastic wire is on top of the fence where Darcy jumps over; a mere deterrent perhaps, but the first 'health and safety' measure.


 ... if you can't go outwards, go upwards!

And then to end on a positive note, there is our Winter Daphne outside our front door!
Positively pungent, it feels like it grabs your face in its petal hands and covers you in its fragrance. Wonderful. And why shouldn't our lovely Postman have joy at our door!
We recommend it.


  1. They are such beautiful boys. I'm glad Darcy is ok - I live on a busy main road and decided that our kittens were too adventurous to let out.

  2. Oh My...
    Good boys don't give their Mamas scares like that !! Please stay where you are safe...

  3. What is a freedom fence? We are considering building an outdoor enclosure for our cats and the boarding cats. But need to be REALLY sure it's escape proof. Don't want to risk losing any client's cats or our own. Was told to build the top bit with fish net at a 45 degree...

  4. Oh Mr Darcy!! You are too adventurous! LOL!! Oh but seriously - please no running across road! Think of your poor mum! Please be careful!! Awww Mr Bingly - you are doing a grand job snoopervising from up the wall! :-)

    The Winter Daphne is lovely!

    Take care

  5. Oh Darcy! You are a born wanderer! But stay in your yard! It's so much safer...and then Mrs. H won't have to worry about you!!

  6. Darcy, Nicki understands the lure of the unknown. Most around the CB know the lengths to which our mom had to resort to keep him safe. We hope your humans won't need such drastic and expensive measures!

  7. I'm just amazed that you get them to come in when you want! I don't know how people do that...
    I know the sick feeling though! The dogs have taken off after something, and gone across a major road, and all I could do was watch...

  8. #1 says she would have ongoing vapours if she had to deal with that kind of situation. It's bad enough with Houbibi trying this tricks on her on an occasional basis. We do find the large cat run quite a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors safely.

    The Chans

  9. Mr Darcy you shouldn´t try to get out all by yourself !
    It´s better if you take your mom with you on the walk like I do :)

  10. Darcy, we understand your curiosity but really, do be careful. If your mum or dad falls over with worry, who will feed you?

    Ha ha ha ha--my word is "mouse"! Really!

  11. Aren't you sweet to think of the postman! Mr Darcy should be more careful, wo knew he was so careless. We love the frog! What a great idea. Imagine someone chewing his foot! Those cats!

  12. Mr Darcy be careful and don't play dare on the road with those cars please.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Thank goodness Darcy is OK ~ that must have been very scary. Love the the rubber sensor frog ~ I will try and get one!

    The Mom xx

  14. Mr. Darcy trust me when I tell you (I'm older and wiser) the grass is not greener on the other side of anything!! Curb your wander lust!!
    OMC mom is so excited to read about your winter Daphne. We bought one last summer and were told it would bloom and be most fragrant in February. This week we noticed it had buds...we are so excited.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  15. Mom has an Adora Daphne. My uncle is a plant pathologist for the US Dept. of Agriculture. So thankfully we have a resident expert who helps us pick out things. Our house faces north. We get a good bit of sun on the back of the house from about 11 am- 2 pm..that is also when you see me in my sunpuddles.
    We'll send you a picture when it blooms.
    Hugs Madi

  16. Boys...boys boys boys! You must be responsible and teach ME good habits. So stay within your garden..please.

    xoxoxox Katie

  17. Oh, my! What gorgeous mancats you two are. Thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting. We love meeting new kitties. Darcy we are in awe of your beautiful floofy tail. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Sorry, we missed your comment in an earlier post. Thank you for visiting us. We are following you now.

    Darcy and Bingley are gorgeous!

  19. Darcy, what are you thinking? You have the most lovely yard and family, no need to wander off my furriend!

    We have a Winter Daphne in our front yard and we love it!

  20. It sure is scary! Mr Darcy please stay safe!!

  21. Boys, it's Katie. Please don't be scary like that any more. This is the Admiral's sisfur.


  22. Darcy! Please be careful, handsome boy. You're mum worries about you (and so do we!).

  23. It's most effective to put the wire fence at a 45° out from the top of the wall. Cats won't climb into what they perceive to be a ceiling and the 45° angle does that to them.

    You can see proof in Season 2 of "My Cat from Hell" or just take my word for it!

    Good luck keeping your cat safe inside the house and yard!! It's a good thing to do!!


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