Thursday, 14 June 2012

Vandal by any other name

I was lounging around the garden, feeling a tad bored.

Mr Bingley

Then it occurred to me.
Why sit around waiting?
I should go forth ...
.. to where THEY are... (birdies)

So I did.
First I climbed the tree ...

... sitting still by the birdie treats 
(no birdie could see me, I felt sure!)

.. then I clambered up to the very tree top where the birdies swoop in ...
(but eventually I found myself yawning again)
I came down ...

.. and then the bombshell hit!
I should go forth to the birdie meal station direct!

Even though Mrs H came outside at the exact moment I had this bombshell,
I just went right ahead!

Once I had the meal station on the ground (albeit a bit broken), I was most disappointed to discover 

However, on the positive, I wasn't bored anymore because Mrs H was with me while she went about mending the bird table.
It was a good 45 minutes of entertainment because she never has the right screws.


  1. All that hard work and no bird to taste? Very disappointing! However, we ARE impressed at your ability to bring down that feeder!

  2. You did quite an impressive job fighting the boredom fur sure!!!

  3. Ah look at you in the last picture - butter wouldn't melt, eh??
    As for poor Mrs H and the wrong screws ... well, I can identify with that only too well.
    Sending you big hugs and purrrrrssss ...

  4. You're so smart... makin' your own entertainment and all. I gotta do something like that sometime. Yeah, I'm gonna put it on my list. purrs

  5. Ha , Ha , Ha :)
    Mr Bingley I LOVE your bombshell hit on the birdie feader !!!

  6. Beautiful Mr Bingley!!! You are so adventurous!! Amazing!!! Awwwww but good job finding some entertainment! LOL!! Take care

  7. Mr Bingly you ARE a naughty boy!!!! But we still love you :-)

  8. Hahaha, Mr Bingley! You sure got rid of your boredom pretty effectively! We're happy no birds were harmed, though. :)

  9. OMC...I'm in awe of your athletic abilities.
    I've never climbed a tree but I have to wondering if coming down is scary!! MOL Too bad the hunting wasn't good that day.
    Hugs to you both and Mrs. H.
    your BFFF

  10. You are a master vandal, Bingley! Sorry your plan didn't work out quite as planned, though. :)


  11. What an adventure! First making some mischief and then watching whilst Mrs. H puts things right after said mischief! A good afternoons entertainment!

  12. Oh MEOW!! Have I come to the Purr-fect blog seeing I am a lover of felines and have two beauties of my own!!!! =^.^=
    Boy oh boy you are lucky living with
    Mrs. H. by the way that is also my name..anyway rules here are NO climbing of trees ever for little fur balls!!!What mischief you were into today..bad puddy-tat.
    Sweetpost I'll be back for sure!
    purr-Zzzz =^.^= naturegirl

  13. HaHaMeow! What a good way to stave off boredom!

  14. Well, it was a good plan, Mr. Bingley. Too bad the birdies weren't there.

  15. You almost like a tiny bit guilty in the last photo, Mr. Bingley, but we enjoyed your adventures. Better luck next time! Even the mighty lion misses once in a while.

  16. oh Mr Bingley you're soooooooooooooo bad!!
    I would ask those hens to send you a spare mouse, but I don't think it would arrive in any condition suitable for amusement!

    Thankyou Helen for your lovely comment, I feel very flattered

  17. Mr Bingley wasn't there even a feather as a trophy?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Ohoh Mr. B.... although we were very happy to learn the birdies were safe, we enjoyed your entertaining recount of your adventure (and had a wee giggle about Mrs. H trying to find the right screws).

  19. Hahaha oh Mr Bingley! You are quite strong to break the bird meal station. Sorry for Mrs H but glad you got entertainment :-)

  20. Bingley, we laffed and laffed! We think the entertainment was worth no birdies.

  21. Oh, Mr Bingley it's a good job you don't get bored too often, just think what damage you could do! No don't! You might just enjoy it too much:)

  22. We're MOL all the way! You are a superb Covert Kitty and we admire your stalking skills.

  23. You brought the bird station down...and your human got the message and entertained you for a good 45 minutes? Good job Mr Bingley! LOL!

  24. Oh, Mr Bingley, you may have been bored
    but your human is never bored
    and neither are your fans =)

  25. OMC! Bingley you don't know your own strength! You are SUPER Bingley!
    We are surprised your Mama didn't entertain you by chasing you around the garden after that debacle :p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  26. Oh that Mr. Bingley is too funny...trying to turn the bird feeder into a cat feeder! But I suppose that's actually quite brilliant. So glad I happened upon these leading men!

  27. Naughty Mr Bingley! Did your mum say that word, naughty?

  28. just touching base to see what antics
    they have been up to these days =)


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