Saturday, 22 December 2012

our idea of Christmas

Hello dear fellow bloggers!
Here we are wishing you all a most happy and peaceful festive period ... 

Darcy and Bingley 
(preparing the tree, in their own special way!)

N-O-E-L, out come the decorations. 

The little fairy is over 90 years old and much cherished
(haven't indicated this to the boys because they would probably try and bite her head off).

Bingley assists (not) with decoration assembly!

Present wrapping?
get in there..!

Mr Bingley shows what he thinks of a spot of festive cookery ...
(the tail of disdain)

Guest bed: warmed by a feline welcome.
(see Mr Darcy by the pillow, with Mr Bingley in front)

"My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?" 
- Bob Hope


  1. Beautiful. Happy Christmas, Haven family!

  2. my dear boys, thankyou for your lovely comment and kind wishes but the pleasure has been all mine- you've made me smile and laugh more times than you'll know!
    Happy, furry Christmas wishes to you both and to your lovely mum (perhaps not so many of the furry wishes to her, but extra happy ones!)

  3. How lovely! Though we think you're brave, even putting the 90+-year old fairy out!

    We wish you a joyous holiday, a wonderful Christmas. "Peaceful" probably isn't on the agenda for us, what with our adjoining neighbours, but we'll do our best. :-)


    Nicki and Derry and human Kim

  4. Wish you a Very Furry Catmas !

  5. Lots of great shots, Merry Christmas to all at your sea, hope it is filled with glee!

  6. Wow, she got you to wear Santa hats!
    Happy Catmas to all.

  7. Hi Darcy and Bingley
    What a lovely post and great sentiment!!
    Merry Christmas and lots of hugs
    Madi your BFFF

  8. Have a fabulous Christmas! My problem with Picasa is that is says that it is compacting and I have lost half my photos and now can't seem to look at the ones that I still seem to have without a box coming up saying there was an error and asking if I want to send an error report. The guy at the computer shop says I have to uninstall Picasa - loosing all my photos and re-installing it and starting again! I want to weep!
    Love the photos of the cats.

  9. I really enjoy my visits here to see what you two handsome boys have been up to. Have a wonderful Christmas:)

  10. Merry Christmas! The bed-warming photo is especially nice, nothing is as welcoming as a warm spot for your head and feet!

  11. Oh you both are having fun preparing for Christmas!! Warm furred up bed sounds lovely... :-)

  12. We love the Bob Hope quote-it's one of Mom's favorites.
    You furry friends have a PURRRfect Christmas, your humans, too.
    Jada, Scully and our human typist, Ellie/Mom

  13. That's a lovely post. We love the gift-wraping photo best! But all the others are very much in the spirit of things too.

    We totally agree about the loving!

    The chans

  14. It's looking very festive at your house! Those ornaments are great! And we love you in your Santa hats!

    We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

  15. We wish you the most joyous holiday season! amerry Christmas to all of you from all of us!

  16. Happiest Holidays to you all!!

    Meg & Quill

  17. Merry Christmas everyone! We won't tell the boys about the pretty 90 year old Angel. :D

  18. Wishing you sweet boys (& parents) a very Happy Christmas... Looks like you are so good at helping too !!

  19. Have a gorgeous Christmas beautiful Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley!! Take care

  20. Dear Helen,
    Thanks ever so much for trying to resolve the problem with Picasa. I did uninstall and tried to reinstall as suggested by a forum member but no luck - the same thing kept happening. I think i'll just have to bite the bullet and delete Picasa completely and then start all over again.
    Have a great Xmas.

  21. Cats are just SO helpful!

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas & a fabulous 2013!


  22. Oh....look at that guest bed! Do you think there is room for 9 kitties to teleport over for a holiday visit?

    Happy Holidays my furriends!

    xoxo Cory and family

  23. oooh, I just don't know what's a going on, but this is my third attempt to comment - you can select which one you like best, if they all turn up on your dashboard ;-)
    Happy Christmas to all the Havens and to you two gorgeous boys, who I see you are getting into the festive spirit .. ;-)
    Sending you much love and hugs at this special time - I love the Bob quote.
    Josie xx
    PS: We had the selfsame fairy when kiddies - now my sister has it but I've no idea how she snaffled it into her possession ;-)

  24. Dear Helen...

    Wishing you and the boys a very Happy Christmas. Enjoyed seeing what the boys have been up to as they wait for the special day.

    With loving thoughts and wishes....

  25. Cats are so very helpful, especially at wrapping gifts!! I wonder that Mr. B is not helping in the kitchen - surely he could trip you if he tried...

  26. Thank you for your Christmas wishes Helen (and the boys!) Boris has been chewing the parcels under the tree and generally being naughty as usual! Have a wonderful Christmas. Lizzie & the naughty cats xxx (PS love the expression "Tail of disdain") - brilliant!

  27. They are such wonderful helpers =)
    Have a lovely Christmas!

  28. A very Happy Holiday from all of us at ManxMnews

  29. Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy
    Mom and I have very exciting news...last year we spoke to your Mom about our Adora and anticipating it's bloom in Feb of 2012...which never happened but lo and behold it is really and truly full of blooms with pink tips so of course we'll keep you posted on the progress.
    Hugs and Happy Boxing Day
    Madi and Mom


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