Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter came a bitin ...

And then the snow fell!
We watched it from the window...

Bingley and Darcy

.. we sniffed the chilled air but didn't venture out ...
(until we were plonked outside by Mrs H, and then we quite liked it!)

... look closely ...
and you can spot Mr Bingley heading your way ...

Mr Darcy testing snow depth ...

Mr Darcy
 ... with his first fresh paw prints ....

Mr Bingley
... on route to check out that Alabama pot ..

Haven Garden

... our neighbour's car.


... Mrs H walked out for bread and milk ....

... then we had a family outing in the park so we could all revert to childhood ..

"In the depth of Winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible Summer.. "
~ Albert Camus


  1. What a lovely winter adventure =)
    Mr. Darcy and Bingley make the best snow cats!

  2. Great photos. Love your neighbours vintage van.

  3. Lots of great shots, that snow must be cold on the paws, we just hide indoors.

  4. Oh my brrrrrrrrr! That makes your toesies cold and my whiskers shiver!!!

  5. We just love your photos today. We have not had snow this year, but we still can dream and hope. Stay warm my floofy furriends!

  6. my dear old cat PC used to walk up the kitchen path to the top of the garden in the snow, then turn around and follow his own footprints back so as not to get his old paws cold twice!

  7. Very picturesque and probably not likely to last, which would be a good thing. LOL.

    Our temps are heading down to -28C with the windchill this week, so we're ready to see an end to winter's bite!

  8. Hello my dear friends Mr Bingley and Darcy.
    I do hope you remember your boots when you ventured out into your winter wonderland. I see your fur coats are all puffed up with extra insulation. How long did it take Mrs. H to walk to the grocery store and back.

    Our adora is still on track for blooming. My peeps were told it has white blooms but thus far the buds are all dusty rose. Mom is taking pictures to document is progress.
    Of course we'll send Mrs. H a picture.
    Hugs madi your BFFF and Mom

  9. oh, fun and games with blogger again, so I think I've just lost a comment into cyber space!
    Anyways ...
    Your photos are gorgeous and it looks as though you've had a wonderful adventure in the park - hooray for sledging!
    We hope you're all snug and cosy today in such cold temperatures,
    lots of love

  10. Beautiful post and lovely photos. We're glad you also like to have adventures in the snow!

    The Chans

  11. Your nice shaggy winter coats are purrfect for the snow! We spotted Sir Bingly right away!

  12. What wonderful photos-I hope everyone got in to warm up before it got any colder.

  13. It's look brrrrrr ! but it's beautiful white..And long fur like you guys must have fun with da snow ; )
    Have Fun !

  14. Freshly fallen snow is such fun! Awwwww Mr Bingly and Mr Darcy!! You two are true snow kitties - you both blend in beautifully!! Take care

  15. You are very brave to venture out into the snow, Mr. Bingley! We had snow, but it's all gone now. And they say it's supposed to get real cold this week!!

  16. Great pics but we think that would be way too cold for us!!

    The Florida Furkids

  17. What wonderful snowy photos of your garden and your town! It looks like you two boys have had great adventures in the snow:)

  18. Lovely photos again Helen. Marmalade has yet to venture out since this latest round of snow.She doesnt even seem to sniff the air anymore when you open the door! Maybe its her old bones or she just knows when she is well off! Keep warm.

  19. Oh, how beautiful! We are glad you were able to enjoy the snow with your family.

    Darcy and Bingley, we think you are quite brave venturing outside. Surely it must be cold on your paws!

  20. Mom misses those snows of way back when. All we got a few days ago were a few flakes. We're glad you got to have family fun.
    xoxo Kassey

  21. It's soooo pretty! And it looks soooooo cold! Brrrr.

  22. But today is too cold for anyone to stay outside for very long!! At least you had some snow to play in!!

  23. The snow looks so very pretty. We have never seen snow, but we think fish should stay in the water.
    Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

  24. I LOVE those first fresh snowprints in the snow. I am half snowfox after all! We are having quite a lot of snow this winter but the forecast for next week is much milder weather so I guess it's good bye snow. Love the family fun!

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed this Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. My Katie isabella wishes she could experience that with you. She sends her love. xxoo

  26. Wonderful! I loved the shot with Mr. B in the background. I am glad they ( and you!) got some snow fun in. Two of our kitties love snow too.

  27. LOVED seeing these, just as mmmy said above.o


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