Saturday, 18 April 2009

First Day

As first days go, this one is going pretty well! Darcy and Bingley seem to think so too. They are after all, the focus of everything I do today and perhaps forever more! I have tried to do other things, there is much to do, but they grab my attention constantly and they don’t sleep for very long, it’s a mad dash to do things when they do. Apart from their many charms, I am also delighted to report that on a more practical note, they used their litter tray with no encouragement, slept through the night, haven’t bit the cacti and are, to date, merely staring at the curtains ...


  1. Oh they are the cutest, that's for sure! Big cuddles to those 2 boys, can't wait to meet them! D xxx

  2. So Darcy and Bingley are your names and you are good looking mancats. We weren't sure because your dainty looks. You guys hit the jackpot with this nice home! We're both girls, just over a year old. Come over and let us romp through our garden anytime you'd like!


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