Tuesday, 31 March 2009

by the sea

The kittens arrive on April 17th. Still some way off, they are after all, the intended central attraction of this blog and so I have wondered what to write while they are absent (very ‘unblogger’ like, I know). I could show you our allotment; tour the garden with all our plants; hold a mini book club… but no, instead I’ll show you some photos from last weekend, during a family trip to Bournmouth for a jazz weekend. The weather bright, exhilarating, copious intakes of fresh sea air, the folly of heading out with no brolly only to discover the extraordinary charm of an English coast when the sun shines and it is Spring.

The delicious last moments of distraction milked to the very end, crowned by a day of delight at Mottisfont Abbey on route home. Famed for its old roses, my father spotted a rose, Lady Hillingdon, which my Aunt grows in her garden, brought from a childhood home, it is nearly 100 years old and still going strong!

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  1. A lovely post full of the joy of your trip to the coast, lucky thing. I love the story about the 100 year old rose - I think it is wonderful to take plants from home to home as we move through life. They are in many ways, the best kind of 'baggage' to carry with you!
    By the way, I'm sure I had my white pinny ironed first!!!
    Happy days.
    Denise x
    PS the placement of pics and texts looks just great to me!


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