Sunday, 8 November 2009

... a step back in time

No word from us this last week because we have been in Cornwall visiting Aunty. Here she is. I first want to introduce her to you as she was when she was young (and well).

Born in Wales she came to live with my Father and our family in Bath when in her early teens. They grew up together, and many, many years later I eventually met her and shared a lovely closeness. She met and married George and there ensued a blissfully happy and long marriage, most of which was spent in Cornwall.

The kittens and I loved looking through her photo albums, selecting special shots to scan to create a memory book for her.

They both loved the great outdoors... simple pleasures always the best!

The shot above shot sums up Aunty - sunshine, picnics, glasses of wine and an adoring dog.

... and Uncle George, who despite breaking his back in his early 30's, went on to make an almost full recovery and lived until 94. Here he is chilling out in the orchard on one very scorching August day.

They both loved dogs, especially Golden Retrievers. Here is Honey.

She won numerous awards!

Visiting Cornwall was sheer delight and they both spoilt me.

They moved to a bungalow when Uncle George fell off a ladder and did in his back (be warned when cutting high hedges on wobbly ladders alone!).

...  surrounded by fields, a beautiful setting. My hubby is doing a grand job in cutting back the hedges and bushes for Aunty to reclaim the view!

... If only I could successfully grow Nerines... they just don't thrive for me.. but look at Aunty's below...

Bingley (joy riding)
In the garage is a super little car, with barely any mileage, yet so old I couldn't even look
it up on the Internet because its year just wasn't there! A perfect 'run around' for a new driver or someone making local trips (if I can only find that person).

Darcy undercover in the garage...

Aunty and me... time stops for no man (or woman)

Darcy & Bingley
... and its farewell from us .. sleeping to be done (but not for long) ...


  1. Hello Dear!
    We both enjoyed reading about Beryl and admiring the photos - such a beautiful girl! What a lovely tribute you've written - so poignant. I'm glad you've had a lovely week with Beryl and enjoyed the Cornish air (envy=us!)
    Welcome back - have a fabulous week,
    D xxxx

  2. What a beautiful post. Beryl was beautiful then .. and is still beautiful now. It's inner beauty that counts. We hope you all enjoyed the visit ~ Cornwall is a lovley place.

    Milo and Alfie xx

  3. That was lovely. Your aunty is still beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful life full of memories! Your aunt is such a beautiful woman. The Nerines are wonderful, what a well-established patch. We're all pensative and a bit leaky eyed right now. Time stops for noone, that's true.
    Sofft purrs, Siena & Chilli

  5. How very poetic and colorful. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing your aunt's story and your visit with her. I very much enjoyed seeing all the pictures especially of Cornwall, a place I've only dreamed about.
    Thank you!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  6. so poignant, thank you for sharing. Lizzie x

  7. What a wonderful and touching posting. How beautiful Aunty is, as is her niece. I was moved.


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