Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thursday in the garden

We don't get to go out all that much at the moment, Mrs H says it is all down to the darker evenings and the effect this has on her 'supervision schedule' ~ eh?

She gets home from work and it is already dark, and then of course there is this thing of her not being able to see too well in the dark, even with spectacles!

Poor thing, it must be just awful to be half blind. We yowl loudly when we spot something outside to help her, she pretends to look but we know its just for show because she is all squinty.

Then there is the rain, rain, and rain.... and more rain. But we still thought we might quite like being in, under, on and amongst all those droplets....!!!
...if only we had some kitty wellies!

Bingley loving the watery pipe EVEN MORE than the dripping tap in the bathroom!

Darcy chewing the cud
(excuse this little fact ~ the longest single grass to pass right through Darcy in its entirety has been 4.5 inches... might this be a record?! ~ it's OK Darcy, we are amongst friends...)

Savouring the scented air..

... MUST we go in..?


  1. Darcy dear, no one will judge you and we have no secrets in The Cat Blogosphere. I'm the only one in our family of 4 that loves grass, but as far as I know, it gets digested. I think Mom would have told me if it came out looking like it went in!


  2. Dear Darcy & Bingley
    Sorry to hear about the work schedule interfering with your outings. We do go out and about, but even we have taken to making cosy nests during this stormy weather. Darcy, how? That's all we ask, is how? And we feel your embarrassment at Mrs H's over sharing....
    Sending you our purrfect feline sniffs
    Macy & Milly xx

  3. Your two are just adorable.

  4. I just love seeing you 2! I think kitty wellies are a wonderful idea!

  5. Love the outdoors!
    We have the same problem as you: Not beeing allowed outside when it's dark, too much rain and a busy mom. Why do they call it "super" vision anyways when their eyes are so bad?
    You're looking beautiful, furriends.
    Many purrs, Siena & Chilli

  6. What a fabulous gardening post ~ we really enjoyed it. We've had lots of rain this week too and so haven't gone out as much as usual.
    4.5 inches ~ WOW! Did yoo wash it before yoo measured it? Tee hee!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  7. That last picture is a Gem! Maybe two Gems. But, the grass! You measured the grass?


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