Thursday, 6 October 2011

M-I-A Memoir ~ one of my own

We are purring for Mr Tigger and all missing cats in Cats-Land. Reading of this today over at ‘Life from a Cats Perspective’ and then again on 'Cats Blogosphere’ triggered something grave and long hidden in me. Before Darcy and Bingley came to live here, we used to be visited by a fluffy black cat. He came virtually every day for at least 6 years and probably more. Often, when I drew back the curtains in the morning, he would be curled up in the middle of the lawn. Initially, he would just watch us from afar, but slowly we became friends and cuddled. We nicknamed him Breezy (because of the way he breezed in and out of the garden). Breezy seemed to be groomed and fed. We got the impression someone cared for him, yet he could hardly have ever been around them because he was with us so much. We didn’t feed him and he never asked. He just cuddled. He was totally undemanding, just a dark, quiet, sweet natured, companion.

Then, one day when I came back from work I noticed he had a small wound on his back. I hoped that when he returned home his owner would notice it and have it treated. Over some days his wound gradually grew worse and then one evening when I came home from London it was looked worringly sore. I immediately began to search for where he lived. Breezy always came over the wall in the same place. I expected to be able to locate his base fairly easily, how wrong I was. I knocked on doors for over 2 hours. No one knew of him. (I met some interesting and at times slightly odd people but there-by hangs another tale). Eventually I came home and cuddled Breezy. For the first time he came inside the house (his choice) and toured the entire place before sitting quietly on the sofa. I knew he felt safe. I rang my neighbour and asked if he would assist me in driving us to the Vet. I sorted out a box in the garage. But when I came back Breezy was gone. I searched the garden. Nothing.

I never saw him again, though I looked for him every day. I have been unable to reconcile my feelings. Did he make it home? Was he ever treated and if so why didn’t he reappear? My feelings at the time are too complex for me to analyse, but there is much sadness and guilt – could I have done more? I say this with a touch of hesitancy but I always wonder if I should have taken him in properly earlier. I held back because he was clearly groomed and fed. Anyway, I shall never know and time has mixed its sedative and so now, with this post I shall imagine Breezy in ‘Cats-Land’ with Mr Tigger et al.

the one and only shot we have of Breezy


  1. I'm so sorry you never had closure and never knew what happened to Breezy. He looks a beautiful cat.
    It maybe that someone took him to a vet for treatment and with no chip he was then sent to a cat protection place for rehoming.
    I'm sad he didn't get to spend his life with you though.

  2. Thank you for coming to visit us!

    So sad about Breezy. We agree with all that Milo and Alfie say.

    The Chans

  3. I'm so glad you shared your story today. I know how you feel, I often wondered if I could have done more for Lily but I think both you and I did what we thought was best at the time. Isn't it interesting that Breezy came in and sat for a while that last time. He was a beautiful boy and I'm certain he knew you loved him :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing Breezy's story. It is so hard to second guess yourself or ask what if....Breezy came in your home on his his terms and he left.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. Leaky eyes here. I feel deeply for you and how you feel about the beautiful boy and the lack of cosure. I would feel the same.

  6. It's sad that you don't know what happened to Breezy. We'd like to think what Milo and Alfie said...that someone else found him and took him to the vet for treatment.

  7. It's sad you don't know what happened to Breezy but we know he knew he was loved and cared for by you. He was very handsome too.

  8. It's a wonderful, and yet sad story about Breezy. We've had two little ones coming to visit. One I finally took in to the vet only to be told he had to be put down. The other I discovered one morning on the way to town, on the side of the road just up from our house shot through the head with a small bore gun.

    It's hard for us to get over 'what we should have done', and the results of not doing so.

    As was said above, you did what was though best.

    Thanks for the visit at our place. Hope to see you again. We WILL be back.

  9. Thank´s for sharing the story about Breezy , me and mom both think´s that he knewed that you loved him and cared for him.
    Sorry that you never find out what happened to him.

    P.S My translater should be just below my banner on the right. I know that sometimes it doesn´t work if you use windows explorer , but it work´s if you use firewox.

  10. I think he had lots of people who loved him, and he visited. Someone probably took him to get fixed up and decided to keep him at their home. Or maybe his owners decided to keep him indoors after he was hurt.

    Mom often feels conflicted about Mittens, and wonders who his people are.

  11. What a beautiful boy Breezy was! We are happy you were able to spend so many years with him dropping in as your cuddle seeking guest! We think he went home , his owners attended his wound and then moved shortly thereafter with Breezy in tow. We think you did exactly the the right amount for him.You loved him.

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  12. When the Human was young, her kitty Smoky took off one day and never comed home. She was very sad.

    She has lived places where her kitties were allowed to be outdoors, but now we live in the middle of a big city, on a busy street, so I am not allowed to be outside.

    Purrs to all.

  13. Such a sad story! We don't have foresight, so its hard to know what to do. I probably would have done the same! On our blog for MIA Day, I posted a story of a cat I did take in although he was in good shape.

  14. We're sorry you never had closure, and that you never knew what happened to Breezy. We, too, would like to hope he was found and cared for, and that he found a new forever home (or was kept inside after that). We are really sad you never saw your sweet friend again, though. Hugs.


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