Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ wall

Mr Frost visited last night.
We knew he was coming because Mr and Mrs H came back from work and dashed outside to begin lugging pot plants into the greenhouse and wrapping up the wormery in the shed.
They were even doing this in the dark. No lights by the greenhouse, so they must have wished they had our night vision!

Darcy and Bingley on patrol

This morning I pondered what to do in the garden...

I decided the wall was the place to be ...

... it is impawtant to oversee ones territory...
... AND be seen by potential impostors.
I am King and this is my garden!

then I sat contemplating for some time..
(my thoughts were so impawtant that I didn't even blink)

Bingley             Darcy
and we both showed Mrs H the bum of disdain when she called us to come inside

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt


  1. We so love your garden photos, you have a wonderful outdoor space. :-)

    Mr. Frost hasn't visited us yet, but soon he'll make an appearance here too.

    Have a terrific Thursday!

  2. Yes, you can indeed bury troubles digging in the dirt you delightful sweet boys! My mom knows that for certain. She digs for me because I'm not allowed out.

    Boys, you are gorgeous as always. You make mom smile when she sees you and she STILL loves that photo your mom posted of one of you running in your garden, a back view with those back legs thrust out, bum and tail high in the air..front paws on the ground...running full tilt. xoxoxo

  3. An excellent motto boys "bury your troubles in the dirt" :-)

    What kind of tree is that with the impressive red berries? It makes an excellent backdrop for that beautiful picture of Bingley on the wall!!!

  4. What an awesome wall to sit on and snoopervise. We only have a skinny colourbond fence, it is no good for sitting on.

  5. Your garden looks terrific and so do you!!!

  6. Mr Frost was here too this morning at just +1C on the thermometer. We wish we had a wall instead of a fence to sit on - lucky you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. I could just give a snuggly kiss to that cute Bingley face in the last picture :-)

  8. Darcy and two make excellent perimenter police. Mom cracked up at 'bum of disdain'!! She said she now has a phrase to use when I do that.
    Hugs Madi

  9. Mr Frost have been here in Sweden too :(
    Lovely pictures on you guy´s in the garden !!

  10. What lovely garden pics as backdrops to the loveliness of you two boys! Mr.Frost hasn't arrived yet in Vancouver but when he does we will be scurrying to put plant tents on our pots to keep them warm all winter!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  11. I love your mischief tocks : )
    and always love your garden, dudes !
    All just look so beautiful and colorful, I guess you guys have a great day everyday ( Mischief..tee..heh )

  12. I don't know what it is about your 'tail' end... but it always seems like they are telling a 'tale' as you high-tail it over the garden wall!

    You two are the BEST!

  13. You boys better keep running, the mom wants to kiss you both right on the big M's on your forehead. Do you ever dig for worms in the wormery? It would be a good place to hide from the mom - she's scairt of worms!

  14. You have the bestest garden to hang out in! Climbing that wall must be so much fun!!

  15. Burying your problems in the dirt! Our mama loves it! She said she could think of a few to bury in the dirt.

    The pictures of your garden are really pretty. You two are definitely handsome mancats!

  16. Sorry to hear Mr. Frost is already visiting you, and that Mr. and Mrs. H had to put all the potted plants inside. Even still, your garden looks lovely, Darcy and Bingley!

    P.S. - Bingley, that last picture of you is brilliant! Just look how your beautiful eyes pick up the color of those little blue flowers.

  17. Bingley, that shot of you on the wall is just superb, with the autumn colours in the background!!

  18. What a pretty garden and wall you have to explore!

  19. Brrr, sounds cold. But you still have nice blue sky!

  20. You two are gorgeous! Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. We love meeting new kitties. Hugs and nose kisses


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