Monday, 9 March 2009

Everything but them

When I left for work this morning, I met the postman lugging a huge box up to the door and it was addressed to me. But no time for a grand opening until now. Card and paper and tape strewn all about and a collection of feline focused goodies....
Will the boys be as pleased as me with the things that are for them.


  1. Hello and welcome to blogland! I can't wait to see your new arrivals. Bumble (my springer spaniel) spent the day at the vet yesterday and the house felt so empty, I couldn't wait for her to be home, putting paw prints all over my clean floor and bringing me endless clean socks from the laundry - they become such a big part of your life. Have a great week. Debs x

  2. My two furry girly cats are extremely jealous of these goodies! In particular I like that carry case, it looks fab - must find out where you got that one. Denise. xx


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