Monday, 9 March 2009

Not one but two!

It isn't long now. I never imagined this would be the year. Indeed, the month when, not one but two, join us. Our snowy home to be opened up. The hole filled, the circle completed. Do good things come to those who wait then? Two boys, white, blue eyed, everything I could have wished for. Fluffy too.


  1. Welcome to the highly addictive, extremely friendly, and most inspirational world of blogging! Your blog looks fabulous already, and the furry pals haven't even appeared in a photo yet! So excited for you that they will soon be with you. Happy blogging, dear friend. Denise x

  2. I came over from Cory cat's blog but thought I would read your story from the beginning. I live in Sidmouth, Devon ~ we moved here 3 years ago from Warwickshire. My cats blog whenever I am free to help them!(Milo and Alfie). I look foward to reading your blog.


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