Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursday in the Garden - the art of concealment

"All things come to him who goes after them"
Apparently this is true of 'birding'...
(so says Darcy - only he has caught nothing - he he).
Personally, my favoured way is a blend of patience and concealment...
I always check the birdie bath as my very first activity, because should a birdie be bathing... I'll have more time to lie in the sunshine later!

While I appreciate that some of you might be wondering why I am looking for a birdie in here, it is good practice to check every corner (and once I found a bumble bee - which I wasn't permitted to keep)

... flattening oneself on a step can work if one concentrates and doesn't flicker the whiskers (unfortunately, the extra fluffy nature of my ears makes this approach a 'no no' for me)

... therefore, I quite often seek out things to hide IN! (try not to be seen doing this)

When concealed in shrubs, ensure entire fluffy form is out of sight. This is where those skinny tailed pusskins score (but then again, they don't get to eat the ants collected in their tail, later!)

I choose shrubs which are light coloured, like ME!

... except when I am distracted by a bee, forget and hide behind the lavender...

My superior spot has to be under the holly, where the bird table is nearest. I have been known to sit here for my entire 'outside time' allowance!

.... and ....where concealment fails, try chewing a feather indoors, it can prove surprisingly satisfying.


  1. Haha! Great post. It really made me laugh.


  2. You've definitely mastered the art of concealment, especially in the shrubbery. :-)

    And what a lovely garden you have!

  3. Yoo are excellent at concealing yoorself. We bet yoor good at hide and seek too. Alfie is hopeless ~ he always leaves a body part sticking owt to be seen.

    Milo xx

    I DO NOT!

    Alfie xx

  4. Your gorgeous floof makes it a wee bit hard to hide in the garden! You need some white phlox or white daisies or something like that!

    We were intrigued by the ants in your tail. Sounds like fun!

  5. You should turn that post into a "Kitteh's manual for garden adventures!" Well done :)

  6. I love your garden walk photos and the story that goes with them !!!

  7. Lovely garden photos; you are a master at hiding there...Hope you guys have a happy day...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  8. Happy Earth Day!! I'm glad you're back!

  9. Wow! You Are a really great hider! Our big brother Floyd was floofy like you and he was a good hider too! We think that the floof must give you a special advantage!!

  10. This is an excellent tutorial post on the art of concealment. And I totally agree about the tail fluff being the most difficult part to hide.
    Purrs, Siena


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