Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Thursday in the garden - a bloody story

Hum. yep, here I am. Stuck in doors. Been grounded.
But apparently it is not just about MY feelings.
Darcy brooding over what could have been

It began like this...
... once outside, after shifting my attention and with a quickening heart, I spotted it!
Mrs H was still swapping over her shoes...
So I took my chance, I LEAPT, HURTLED, POUNCED..!

innocent Hedge Sparrow (and with newly fledged family)

One baby birdie got away (just), but not the second one
where the dreadful deed took place

I had the little thing pinned.. but then Mrs H suddenly swept me high into the air. I went rigid then wriggled like a frenzied wild thing, but she (rather unceremoniously, I feel) dumped me inside. I watched from the window, MEOWING LOUDLY. Mr H suddenly came running and after shoving me aside joined her outside. They then went on to pounce on the birdie themselves! I even saw Mrs H holding it in her hand and them both crouching over it. I was dismayed to see her looking so upset; like she was a kind of visible witness to what is dreadful in life.

I could still see it fluttering and I yowled LOUDLY. I know my yowls were getting through because they glanced back at me a lot. Eventually, they went off somewhere taking the birdie. Both stayed out quite some time, but I wasn’t allowed out again.

Finally, when they returned, I tremored with what turned out to be false hope. Indeed, I felt the way they stared at me was rather harsh. Despondent I headed for the stairs, I heard them say that the baby birdie might have a chance, now that it had its mother with it and that the injury was not too bad.

I’ll try again tomorrow, even if grounded I can stalk in my dreams...


  1. Oh dear! Yoo are only doing wot comes naturally ~ so it's hard. But beans are touchy abowt frail little birdies and it's best to avoid them in future. Otherwise yoo might be grounded for life!

  2. We're very impressed you got the baby bird! We can understand why your humans would be upset, though. But you were just doing what cats are supposed to do! And raw meat is ever so good for us, after all--it's what we were designed to eat. Now, if you were just going to play with the baby, that would be something different. Next time, make it a quick and merciful kill! :-)

  3. Darcy, the same thing happens to me! Each year with the baby birdies are learning to fly I have this amazing opportunity to catch them...and mom and dad lock me inside! So not fair!

    They said it's not sporting to go after babies.

    I feel your pain.

    xoxo Jonesie

  4. Ahhhh...such is the great saga of life and death in a housecat's Purrfect Haven. There are consequences to these things. To dream is best.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. Oh no, you mustn't harm the birdies. I know a lot of cats like to catch them but really they make better friends than treats--and last longer that way, too!

  6. Now, Beautiful mama will not allow me outside at all. But my sister caught a baby bird and when mama heard all of the commotion, she found the mama bird was attacking my sister Robin.

    Mama rushed out, scooped up Robin and rushed her into the house.

    We just do what we're made to do but the beans don't like it. And that's a good thing sometimes when we are well fed indoors.

  7. Thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog today!

    We think you did a stirling hunting job there. Humans can be so odd. Thomas once ated a robin, mum was not impressed!

  8. Hello and nice to meet you!
    Oh you almost got a baby birdie? Our mummy says it's sad for her to look at but it is part of our nature.
    We here aren't allowed out without our harnesses on so we've never caught any birdies... it sounds like fun though!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  9. We understand your feelings Darcy, but our Mommy understands Mrs. H's feelings about the beautiful birds...Our Mommy once had a kitty and a parakeet that were best friends...We hope the bird is alright and Darcy, we wish you sweet dreams!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. You are supposed to look but not touch ...
    You might have to go outside on a leach now ... yikes !!!

    Hope the baby bird survives


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