Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Today is special - bunting

You just can't beat bunting for 'cheer' value. Thank you to Denise for making this colourful strip for me. It is beautiful in every way, each stitch a tiny, perfectly formed link between us. The entire household love it (and it is high enough to be cat free).
Bingley sends you a thank you kiss (in his own special way - note his crossed front paws).


  1. I like the bright decor of your room. Bingley brings the room alive though ...

  2. Thank you for the mention and pic of the bunting! It looks lovely in your room. And big cuddles to Bing for his virtual kiss :-)
    Happy days to you dear,
    D x

  3. Lovely bunting, but Bingley is the star of the show!

  4. I love bunting, it's just so cheery! The photo looks like it should be in a magazine. Bingley is such a handsome fellow! Annie Hutchinson's website is: www.thelittlewrenfactory.co.uk. Katie x


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