Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ end of season report

For us, Autumn is the new Spring! I help Mrs H to clear up things, Spring-clean! Every pot must be thoroughly checked over, inside and out... 
... birdie baths cleared...
storage scrutinised for mousie type things (maybe) ... 
some potting up and then there is the wormery to care for...
.. a spot of insect eye-balling, we just cannot cater for any more webs! 
filling the greenhouse with tender figs and olives... 

BUT, just WHERE is my brother during all this effort?!
(he said he was checking the apples in the tree - oh yeah!)
flowers from our allotment, the final tribute to the closing season

Remember to visit Jonesie and follow the links to find out what has been happening over in her place and in all the other kitties gardens this week


  1. I'm very enjoy your garden this much fun, and I guess Bingley has most fun : )
    By the way your garden look fabulous and beautiful. I love your mom's green house..very pretty corner : )

  2. We made sure to biggify to see where Bing is - what a cool spot. Your Autumn garden looks wonderful you did a great job this year. Happy Gardening!
    Siena & Chilli

  3. Spottings of the most furry kind!

    Great pics!

  4. Wow! Bingley sure is up high there checking for apples!!

    Good job cleaning up the garden...getting ready for winter. We like your green house!!

  5. We loved the picture of Darcy in the pot.

  6. We think you have the most incredible garden. Just amazing! Loved the tour!

  7. Hey, someone has got to pick the apples...I mean bat at them till they drop!

    We just love it when you pop out of garden pots!

  8. We love seeing your garden and the preparations to keep it tidy and ready for next Spring.


  9. You have a lovely garden area. How did your brother get up there ?

  10. Wow it looks like a lot of work to take care of the garden at the end of the season. And it looks like you did a great job of helping Darcy! Bingley, well, we will try to believe the apple story!

  11. Hello Boys!
    Wow, you are busy there in the garden with all that tidying and sorting out, dear Darcy. As for the absent Bingley - there he goes again! Ever the adventurer! Your dahlias are the most gorgeous rusty orange - just perfect for the season :-)
    D x

  12. You look so lovely in the middle of all that green. Like an exotic statue.

  13. Wot a great post. Bingley made us larf ~ we must remeber that excuse, it's hilarious.


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