Friday, 29 October 2010


D and B lording it on top of Aunties cabinet
Cornish trip? Mrs H has written about it over on her Happiness Kindled blog.. (we are miffed not to feature it here)  
... view from Aunties lounge now the conifers are down.


  1. I think the two of you coming along on the trip made it easier for your mom and dad. Plus, you look Purrfect up there.

  2. You handsome boys have found the purrfect spot for napping and viewing the entire room; you guys obviously enjoyed the trip to your Aunts home...We loved your garden post yesterday as well, you lovely boys are such a big help to your Mum...Hope you sweet friends enjoy a fun weekend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. What a beautiful view. We don't blame you for being miffed. Can we join you up there?

  4. Is there room for all of us up there? We'd love the view....

  5. We are so happy to have found your blog.... you add furry fun to my day every time I come and visit!

    Here's wishing you lots of purrs........

  6. We are glad you were able to go visit your Aunt; we like to think you two have comforted her.

  7. Wow ! Stunning view.
    that's why you guys are up there....Have Fun !

  8. Gretings,

    We are miffed too. Maybe it is because they did not take you along and so don't want to share the pictures with you as you might complain for not having tagged along.

    Happy trick or treat,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  9. Well, you two look very comfortable up there!!

  10. Such a lovely view :-)
    Yes, you would have LOVED the vintage bazaar - I was overwhelmed with the selection! Probably the best of the vintage fairs I've been to...
    D x


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