Friday, 14 May 2010

Bingley fluff - A day in the life of...

A single gathering from Mrs H's black tights...(just to get the day going)

horizontal display
Bing models fluff to die for...

vertical display
... so let us go together on a little tour of where Bingley fluff travels...

... corner fluff

...towel fluff

... always Bing's personal favourite - black work clothing fluff (Mrs H's - he he)

... printer fluff

OK, so it is Bing's bed
... Crochet bed fluff

... shoe fluff

... a fluffy breakfast

... rug fluff

... and then SHE realised...
Birdie nest fluff!
(and perhaps you thought I, big fluffy Bing, did not care about the birdies...?!
how wrong you are...)


  1. Wow tht is a lot of fluff! We have lots of fluff tumbleweeds at our house, but none are dense like that - and it is from more than one cat!

  2. Such lovely traveling fluff. I'm so glad that the birds are recipients of your discarded bits!

  3. Bing, you do have fluff to die for! (Okay, not literally, we hope!)

    Lining a bird nest is a purrfect use of your fur, though. And if you manage to catch and eat any of the birds, things will have come full circle. :-D

  4. Hahaha! Those photos made us laugh so much! We have 1 long-haired and 2 short haired kitties but our daddy says that there are 'tumble-weeds' everywhere in the house! mawhawhaw! Mummy loves to 'collect' our furs. She secretly has an ambition to 'felt' our furs... hmmm
    Have a great weekend!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  5. Though we try our best, between the three of us, we would not have such an enviable production of fluff. *sigh*

    Ninja, Bambi and Spyder

  6. LOVE your tummy photos; our Mommy wants to cuddle those handsome furs!...We feel your pain, Bing; every time we turn around something else is stealing our fluff too=the furniture, floors, beds, even Mom's clothes!!...Thank goodness we have lots to go around!...Have a fun weekend friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. somthing particularly appealing about cat's tummies!

  8. We bet you have the warmest happiest birdies in the world!

    It's important to share the floof!

  9. Such excellent work Bingley!!

  10. Wot a FUN post. We are amazed at how many different places fluff can travel to. Mom has that same "fluff getter offer" brush and she says she couldn't survive wiv owt it.

  11. Oh, you do make me laugh, Bingers! Our two furry friends are very good at creating fluff trails too. Perhaps you could get Mrs H to knit you a furry hat or something from all your deposited fluff! Katie x

  12. Hahahahaha! There's nothing better than well-travelled fluff. Our mom sometimes throws Siena's fluff outside and the birdies collect it for their nests. Gross, isn't it?

  13. Amazing fluff! Thanks for visiting us. Hey, we're following you!

  14. Bingley, that is some serious fluff! Who knew that it could be used to line a bird's nest? :)

  15. Oh Bingley. What handsome furs you have and what a delightful collection of fluffs. You have given me an idea! My furs are long too and mom usually keeps gathering them up. Maybe she's gonna make me a jacket?


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