Monday, 24 May 2010

What's in a name?

Valentines Day came, and a little miracle birth took place, ME!
I was named Mr Bingley (a romantic hero)

I have gone on to fully embrace my birth name.

But it doesn't end here, I have inexplicably come to be referred to in other ways!...

  • 'Bing' is one ...(I can live with this)
  • 'Bing-a-ling' ...(tends to be sung out in the early morning by Mrs H)
  • and then 'Bing Bong' (this is also usually shouted out gleefully in the morning but this time by Mr H - it is like he is about to announce something in a supermarket)
  • And, when Mrs H has to chase me around the garden in her high heels before work (when my outdoor allowance is up) she shouts at me... 'Tinker'...!
  • But, to top it all, recently I found myself at the V-E-T-S. The woman in a white coat squeezed me with her fingers all over, I found I quite enjoyed this UNTIL I heard her suddenly say 'Puddin'! I looked up and found everyone looking at ME (3 of them). I heard 'puddin' referred to a further 3 times, with suppressed giggles.

Once home, I immediately slunk into the lounge to 'lounge' and ponder further my names.
'Puddin'... indeed!    What is in YOUR name??


  1. Our old, rather tough and thuggy cat Jimmy always used to cringe when we called him in at night lest his friends ever heard his affectionate nickname "Jim Jams".
    Street-cred would've been down to below zero!

  2. Puddin' just means gorgeous and floofy and lovable...right? ;-)

    Annie gets called Annie Bananie a lot, and sweet pea, and pumpkin. (Also Ms. Crabby and Ms. Vicious.)

    Nicki gets called Nicholas when in trouble, often called Tricky Nicki or Mr. Brat.

    Derry gets Derry-Bear and Derry-Doo the most.

  3. AWww Mr Bingley! You were a cute kitten and you're so handsome now!
    Do you have a girlfriend called Jane?? mawhawhaw!

    You gave mummy an idea. I think she might call my next brother Mr Darcy!

  4. Hello Pudding Pie!
    The key thing is to remember all these are names of endearment :-)
    I've got another for you: "Bingley Bo" ... which is a sign of great affection from me to you and you are in great company, Mr Bun: "Benny Bo", a favourite child: "Alfie Bo".... and so it goes on!
    Relish the names dear Mr Bingley!
    D x

  5. You have nice names but the last one. Did they mean you were cute or that you had gained a few?

  6. Aww Bingley, you are too floofilicious for words. Hehe... don't feel bad about Puddin'. Harley Quinn used to call The Joker her Puddin'!

  7. We fink the term "puddin" is an indearment and so yoo shouldn't worry.

  8. Mr. Bingley, you were an adorable baby and now, such a handsome mancat!...Calle Girl, Halle Cat and Sukki Su=we hear those a lot and Sweetie too...And we always come running for KittyKitty!!...Happy week gorgeous boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. My mom calls me Mitten more than she calls me Cory...I'm so confused.

  10. My name is really Lady Bianca but mommy calls me the Admiral for my blog. Someone perched an Admiral's hat on me..and it was all over. But at home, I am the perfect Lady.


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