Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday in the garden ~ blossoming together

This is me in the apple tree amongst the Spring blossoms.
I am proud to be broadcasting to you all from upon high!
... thought I would do a little flexing to show off my marvelous agility
(Mrs H and Darcy below, were naturally marvelling too - I even marvel at myself)
Mrs H asked me to guide you around our garden to check out the other blossom and Spring colour (this is a partial follow-up to the wonderful post by Alfie Marshall and his pack last Thursday, only Mrs H hasn't yet had the chance to walk 'around the block' beyond our garden with her camera - but will)

Cherry tree blossom

... a multi-tude (this is a special Haven term used when unable to name everything!)

Darcy is NO help with garden tours whatsoever and shouldn't even feature in this post (but he insisted)!

... this is one of my favourite spots ...
... birdie bath planting ...

... every garden should have a water feature, doing garden tours is afterall thirsty work...

... eh? still here?.. I am afraid this tour is now OVER. 
I have to get on with my other garden duties
- birdie snoopervising!
Goodbye, and see you next time!


  1. Hello there Darcy,Bingley and Mrs. H!! What a gorgeous garden you have. Everything is so green and lush!! We are a month behind you for sure but the greenery is sprouting.

    Delightful post!

    Purrs Shade

  2. Wow, what a *spectacular* garden you have, Bingley! Thank you for the wonderful tour!

  3. Your garden is magnificent! Jonesie says that she has a lot of work to do to make her/our garden as we just love seeing you up in the tree.


    xoxo Cory

  4. Thank you for the garden tour, Bing! I see Darcy is avoiding the 'work' involved in this post, and simply showing off his beauty :-)
    You certainly have a haven for a garden, D and B, and those tulips are just gorgeous (note for Mrs Bun: Plant more tulips for next year!!).
    With kitty love,
    Macy and Milly

  5. Thanks for taking us for a walk through your garden. And, way to go on hanging out in the tree. Til next time ....

  6. Those are great action shots in the tree, Bing; we are so impressed with your tree climbing skills...Thanks for the tour, you guys have a lovely garden...kisses to you two gorgeous boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Your garden is lovely!!!!

  8. That was a beautiful tour of your fabulous garden!
    We are also marveling at your tree climbing!
    It must be so nice to stretch out and lay among those beautiful blossoms.
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  9. That is one beautiful garden you have there, Bingley! Thank you for the tour. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Your furriends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  10. Oh Bing, you look wonderful amongst the apple blossoms! Truly pictures to look at again and again.


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