Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thursday in the garden - cat meets chicken

Here we have a little story about two cats, a chicken and a garden.
Madame Hen
We had a car journey down to Somerset.
Darcy eyeballs Madame Hen
When we arrived we were introduced to something remarkable, something we have NEVER seen before.
We stared at IT from inside, and then after some loud MEOWING, we were realeased!... we rolled and ...
...then stalked...
we loved the look of this HUGE birdie ...
... everywhere smelt different and we could even smell other .... C-A-T-S
Hen with bottom up, left of statue
Darcy loved BIG birdie most ...
Bing watching Hen top right

Hen far right
Bing checks out BIG birdie from the safety of cover... (well you never know!)
Madame Hen is 10 years old and in full charge of her garden. She sleeps in the greenhouse...
No one messes with Madame Hen. Not snail, wasp, dog, OR CAT.
Note: No cat or birdie was hurt in the making of this post.


  1. Oh my Cod, we're seriously in love with Madame Hen. She's the cutest hen ever! Mom recently read an article about dwarf Wyandottes and absolutely fell in love with them. How fun to meet such a cool birdie!

  2. Madame Hen looks fearsome!

    Watch out for that pecky beak!

  3. Holy cat what a great adventure! That chicken looks so tasty, I mean fun.

  4. What a great adventure you had! Madame Hen looks formidable, we can see why no one messes with her. :-)

  5. I wouldn't mess with Madame Hen either! She's kind of cool and a little bit scary!

  6. Such a sweet post; what a great adventure you guys are having in Somerset...The garden is gorgeous and Madame Hen is adorable; it's pretty cool to have Hen TV, we've never seen that channel before!...It looks like you handsome boys are already having a fun visit...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Your chicken is quite large! Weren't you afraid? You cool cats must be very brave!

    We are impressed!

    Ninja, Bambi and Spyder

  8. Oh my GOODNESS, Mme Hen looks absolutely in charge and formidable. So glad you were allowed by her and your mom to check her out but that would have scared me! You're brave. What an adventure!

  9. Holy Mackeral! That Madame Hen is AWESOME! Let us know if yoo need help snoopervising her!

  10. hi, just found your blog. . .not quite sure how!

    Our cat is actually quite wary of the hens, ever since Martina charged at her in full sail- a sight guaranteed to put fear into anyone!

    Love your pics and the cats are gorgeous

  11. You two are so lucky to have a lovely garden and a new pet! I would love to have a pet like Mrs. Hen.

  12. She is really pretty... tasty!

  13. Wow! That Madame Hen is something!! We always say we'd like to catch a birdie, but we think we'd stay away from her!!

  14. Madame Hen is awesome! She looks almost bigger than the kitties... formidable!


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