Monday, 21 March 2011

paint reveal

 Mrs H didn't get outside much this weekend because she suffered a crazy spell over Annie Sloan chalk paint and spent hours, literally HOURS, painting the cupboards.

She didn't even take out her clothes, just taped up black bin liners!
(slapdash comes to  mind)
Darcy ~ toe warmer
... nor did she use a ladder, but this meant that I could keep her feet warm while she painted!

it wasn't all plain sailing especially with all the slats
(at one point she even appeared to regret starting, I heard her moaning...)
... to top it all she ran out of paint with only a small bit left to cover and so she had to change all her plans the next day so she could go get more paint!
(poor planning comes to mind)
You can see how she tried to make it spread by rubbing an almost dry brush! It is a good job it isn't her main job around here.

Eventually it was done. She used Old Ochre.

Then she went outside to look at the flowers!


  1. She did a great job! The mom wants to paint her door-less kitchen cupboards this year, she could use some help! :-D

    P.S. Would taking the doors off and spray-painting them have been faster? And why chalkboard paint on slats? Is there an advantage to using chalkboard paint on something like that? Just curious!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. My goodness me! I wish I could bring myself to paint over slats on the closet! Your mommy is so BRAVE! (and a beautiful color too)!!

    YOu were such a good kitty to help her and keep her feets warmed up. That's doing your catly duty!

  3. Oh.. You are such a lovely boy to help your Mama !! Cold feet makes it so much harder to paint properly !!

  4. We think yoo make an excellent foot warmer! And yoor mom did a great job ~ our mom said slats are a pain too paint!

  5. Well good for you for helping, Darcy. No wonder she needed to go out and look at the flowers after such hard work - the colour is lovely:)

  6. I do love your blog Helen.. it makes me smile! Thank you for your lovely blog comment. Have a good week. Lizzie xx

  7. Well, your Mom is welcome to come paint in our house anytime...just not our Mom's favourite thing!! We think it looks just fine what your Mom did. And that flower (a chinodoxa??) is so pretty..we don't have any of those in our garden, but would love some...lucky you!!! Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  8. We think you were a considerable help to your Mum, warming her feet like that!

  9. MOL..The way your mom, just so cute !!!

  10. She didn't get any paint spatters on you, did she? That would have been Unacceptable. Even if the color IS very nice.

  11. Love it!!! Good ol' Annie Sloan paint... once you start you just can't stop! By the way, we have our very own Darcy and Bingley in the neighbourhood, they have just moved in next door, and they are driving Florence crazy!!! They just sit on our stone wall laughing at her jumping up at them!!! xx

  12. Hello there!
    Wow, you have been busy with the paint brush! It all looks amazing - doors and book shelf :-) So pleased you've got started - there's no stopping you now ;-)
    I love how something can be just painted, there and then, without all the prep involved with usual paint methods.
    Okay, won't hold you up any longer, I'm sure you've got other things that need to be coloured !!
    D x


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