Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ going potty

Tis the season for potting up! I have had so much snoopervising to do! 
First I had to 'botty' warm the potting up tray.

We chose to plant tomatoes - Black Cherry and Purple Russian sent from a friend in Cornwall. Small black with a really delicious kick.
This is one of my old litter trays!
Mrs H used it cos its the perfect size. The seeds are being started off in the conservatory not the greenhouse because it is warmer.
Another job was checking on the compost
(actually I chewed some - a sign of my dedication).
.. then I sat in some of the garden items as part of the sizing process.
My brother did very little to assist
(he snoopervised the neighbours instead).
We love Spring.


  1. Darcy, you are a good garden snoopervisor, unlike Bingley. We got nothing growing in our's still so cold here!! We want spring!!

  2. Those tomatoes sound yummy. Daddy just hung ours outside.

  3. Darcy, we're very impressed with your gardening skills and hard work. We're sure Jonesie will be equally impressed!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. There's something about kitties in garden pots that makes my mom go a good way!

  5. Great job snoopervising, Darcy! We bet the garden will be just wonderful. :)

    (And by the way, Bingley, we like how the picture of you shows your floofy tail.)

    Have a great weekend, dear friends!

  6. What a great job you have = snoopervising in the garden.
    I did some snoopervising too yesterday when my mom brought me out for a walk :)

  7. A kitty's work is never done! Those tomatoes do sound wonderful!


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