Thursday, 19 May 2011

cat on hot tin roof (not quite)

"Do one thing every day that scares you" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Bingley watched by Darcy

I agree with Eleanor and think it is impawtant to go out of ones comfort zone.

I take pride in personally helping Mrs H to experience this too.

I think I succeeded with the roof walk because I heard her make a small scream when she looked out and saw me.
... I can't understand why she hasn't thought to come out here herself?!

... not really scary at all!


  1. OMC, our mom nearly fainted. She says it's no wonder Mrs. H. screamed.

    We think you've found an awesome vantage point and we're very impressed with your daring!

  2. You have given your Mama quite a scare... and me too !!
    Bet you got a stern lecture after coming back in !!

  3. Why do they do that ?

    My orange cat, Riley, went out on the roof and it took forever to get him back. (H had the screen off and forgot to close the window or the door to the room and Riley saw his chance.)

  4. Oh wow Bingley you are crazy! We do know of other cats that have done crazy stuff like that - but usually we see the pictures taken from the ground. Seeing them out the window makes them even more dramatic and scarry!

  5. OMCod!! Da mom almost Screamed herself ^..^
    Wow ! You guyz are really daring....
    Da momthinkz you two are very Bootiful :))

    Anywayz,,, Nice to meet you too ^..^ Happy Gardening~
    Purrz~ Ana, Lorelei, Sunny, Penelope, Gabriel, & Arrius

  6. Wow!! Bingley, be careful up there!!

  7. Oh wow, that would make my mom pass out!

  8. Love it! You boys know how to keep your Mum on her toes! Scarey indeed, Bingley. Now that's out of your system perhaps you can stay safely inside with Darcy from now on!

  9. Such a daring boy! Scares me just to look at the pictures.

  10. That looks very scary, be careful out there.

  11. OMC! She only made a *small* scream? Mom would have hollered her head off! Fank goodness yoo survived that adventure!

  12. Wow, you are making us SO nervous up there! Very, very brave!!!

  13. What a great goodness, you are a brave one!


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