Monday, 30 May 2011

with an hour to spend...

Snoopervising in the garden.
How else is a self respecting feline to spend some of the weekend....?

... lounging on a rug in the garden cannot be turned down...

... breathing in that fresh Spring air a tonic....

 ... remembering to keep hydrated ...

.. check out my elastic tongue ...

... a spot of 'claw care'
... how did you spend yours?


  1. Same as you...... more or less!

    That's quite the reach down the glass!!

  2. You boys certainly had a nice day! It is unusually cold here in Las Vegas; we spent the day hunting out sun puddles to bask in.

  3. LOL! The tongue in the glass is hilarious. We can see you had a great weekend...We had to work hard snoopervising our mom's indoor house painting for the 4th consecutive weekend. We're exhausted! :-P

  4. Great shot of that action elastic tongue! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. COD ! Darcy, you have a such a good life !
    Look..You have a nice picnic on your own backyard, A drink from the human glass..MOL
    and s pot of a spot of 'claw care'..heh..heh
    You trained your human so well to provide your luxury life : )

  6. Mr Darcy! That simply sounds wonderful!
    We love all your pictures. Especially your elastic tongue!
    Purrrs, KQ

  7. You two sure had a fun day!! We spent our day trying to stay cool! It was very hot here today!!

  8. Aww what fun :) My kitties prefer water out of jugs too.

  9. You're right ... that is a wonderful way to spend your day. :)


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