Wednesday, 4 May 2011

follow the leader

What weather we had over Easter - glorious.
We all went to Cornwall to visit Auntie in her care home.
Then we stayed for a holiday down there and did some work on her garden.
Because it was so lovely we wanted to join the Havens outside!
After much debate we were let out under supervision but were over taken by the sounds and smells and bolted (Mrs H freaked out).
This led to us being rugby tackled to the ground!
Despite this, we wanted to go outside even more!
We glued ourselves to the windows and doors each time we were in and they were out...
Finally Mrs H got the message and bought us both harnesses!

 We deliberately defied the odds and walked happily in our harnesses immediately.
We like surprising Mrs H whenever we can.
Darcy rolling

We missed you and can't wait to visit you all again soon.


  1. Wow! Those are pawsome harnesses.

  2. We take Meredith Ann out in her harness too. It's the best way ...

  3. Oh, yeah, the mom bets Mrs H freaked when you bolted! Our mom would have too! We're very impressed you're both so accepting of the harnesses, that's great! You get to go out and be safe--purrfect!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Oh I LOVE seeing you in your harnasses. My sister who came before me hated hers and mommy could see that the harness stole her bones. She became a satiny pile of fur on the ground without a bone in her body. So, we gave up. BUT you look glorious in yours, both of you and your TAILS are enchanting!!!


  5. You are very lucky to have such a lovely place to explore and those harnesses look quite fetching on you both.

  6. Oh bless them! Glad they got to see some of Cornwall!

  7. MOL, Darcy..I do undestand, we are not woofie. Human can't expect too much ...Ha..Ha..That cracked me up big time !

  8. We've been homesick for your lads.... enjoyed the sightings!

  9. Good to have you back!

  10. Great that Mrs H got the message and bought you both harnesses so you could go out in the nice weather !

  11. YAY for the harnesses. We LOVE ours and mom says it is much safer than free-roaming these days (with all the traffic etc). Thank goodness yoor beans caught yoo ~ it would be awful if yoo'd done a runner.

  12. Harnesses ... great idea and clearly successful !
    Maybe I should try them with the children? Only joking! (I think ...)


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