Thursday, 12 May 2011

forever home for Valentine

Here a most loving welcome to 'Valentine'!
Thank you to a very talented Nicky over at Vintage Magpie for making beautiful Valentine for the Haven family.
Allow me to introduce him....

(named after the day on which Darcy and Bingley were born)

... his arrival

... and unveiling

... in and around home

places to be...

bedtime ...
in the garden...

... amongst friends. We all love Valentine!
Thank you Nicky x


  1. Oh that is so lovely to see him with the boys!!

    So glad you are happy with him xx

  2. How adorable is he !!!

  3. Ooooh soooo cute he is Valentine !

  4. Your little friend is super cute!!

  5. Aw, Valentine sure is cute. And we especially love that last picture. :)

  6. Helen, thanks for the comment on my Musings site re: Toby the stray. I really ought to have tried to get him last year and neuter him, though he's been hanging around more since this past winter. At least it's done now.

    I'm not sure what will become of him or where he goes...He does have shelter somewhere, since he's managed to avoid frostbite.

    He'll have food on my step as long as I live in the house. More than that, I'm not prepared for, at least not at this time.



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