Sunday, 5 February 2012

snowy daffodils!

"The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it"  ~ Patrick Young
One minute we were enjoying the daffodils and counting our blessings for a bright and mild Winter...
... and then THIS happened!

... can you spot Mr Bingley ...

.. and here is Mr Darcy venturing forth..!

... arctic cat ..
.. but then returned (with snow clods in his paw pads)...

Mr Bingley
... inside watching from the window ...

.. and that is enough snow for today...


  1. Loved this posting... from the too-welcome sight of bright yellow daffies in their blue pot all the way through the wintery scenes to where the lads have called it a day!

    Lots of glimpses of heaven.......

  2. Oh I love the last picture! We got the snow too, so I now have two very tired kitties, one curled up at each end of the sofa -worn out from all the excitement!! :)

  3. What lovely pictures of your snowy pusses! Marmalade wont venture out most of the time let alone when it snows.

  4. We love the way the boys are all stretched out after their frolic in the snow.

  5. What great pictures! In Holland it was -22 in some places yesterday night! We are not used to those kind of temperatures! Momzz want it al to be green and bright and not al white.
    Purrrs Lars and Odin

    pee ess We saw you were the boss of the naughty kitty club, wel I (lars) want Odin to be a member! He izz so naughty it izzn't even funny anymore!

  6. Holy moly! Look at all that white stuff! And you guys are very brave to venture out into it!! The weather has been so wacky lately. We usually have snow at this time of year, but lately we've had mild temps and sunshine! We're not complaining.

  7. Lovely shots, at least it looks like the "perfect" winter, we think. Fluffy snow, all clean and pretty. :-)

  8. Oh dear, you poor things - that is a LOT of snow !!!!!!
    Stay cosy and warm. Drink plenty of Hot Chocolate (humans that is!) and I hope you can stay sane whilst being housebound !
    I love the daffodils in the beautiful jug :-)

  9. OMC someone spilled sugar at your house too!!
    We love the last picture of you two exhausted from your day playing in the sugar.
    Remember to not eat yellow sugar!!
    Hugs Madi

  10. Same weather in Sweden now too and very cold. This morning it was -19 Celsius = BRRRR !!!
    I guess we have to wait a long time before we see Daffodills here :(
    Me too have been out in the snow for a short moment :)

  11. We're still waiting for snow, and waiting...the last picture really made us laugh. You two are so cute! Its a good thing to have fluffy tails when its cold enough for snow.

  12. this weather is so odd its like the hokey cokey here...thermals on, thermals off...I wish they'd give a Thermal Forecast!

    have a good week

  13. Wow! Here is summer... and we are suffering with the hot time!

  14. We have snow too - if anyone would like it we are giving it away!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Wow, that is a lot of snow, Darcy and Bingley! That last picture just about says it all ... exploring out in the cold is exhausting, isn't it? Stay warm, dear friends!

  16. We love all you bird houses as they appear especially inviting surrounded by crisp snow.
    Boys, you may be part polar bear with your ease in snow and camouflage ability!

    the critters in The Cottage xo
    P.S. We love the last picture of the two explorers after a full day...

  17. Incredible as it seems, it is the same here! Thanks very much for entering my giveaway.

    From a very snowy household including a dog with snow balls along her whole underside, not just in her paws,


  18. We don't know what's more impressive: explorer polar kitties or those floofy tums!

  19. We think Mr. Bingley had the perfect place underneath the chair seat to sit and enjoy the snow. What terrific pictures you got of the cats in the snow. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. That is a lot of snow you had. We are having warm weather but the forecast said it'll be cold this weekend. Maybe not too cold to have snow though.
    I love the last looks like Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley are enjoying being inside, relaxed and warm :-)

  21. You two are so adorable. I would be jealous but no, my mommy loves me very much but you two are tops in her heart too. She thinks you are so precious.

  22. They are very brave gents. My cats were having none of it!

  23. Wow you really got a load of snow!!! I especially love the last pic of the boys relaxing :-)


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