Monday, 20 September 2010

down the town

... remember those times when you went into town with another puss, shopped for wacky furry stuff (and wore it), ate dodgy feathered grub (that your Mum would frown at), generally hung about (checking out the talent), before eventually popping into the photo boothe to pull silly faces!!? Yeah. We just did it!


  1. LOL, that's great! Looks like you had fun! :-)

    P.S. Our mom wants to know if that was done in Big Huge Labs.

  2. Oh mom and I absolutely TOTALLY enjoyed this no end. It brought back fun memories for us both!

    Delightful Bingley and Darcy!

  3. We love it! Mom's got some pics like that of her and dad too!

  4. This is so well done! I remember those photo booths - don't even know if they still have them, but they were so much fun!

  5. Those are awesome pics of you two! Of course being so adorable you probably can't take a bad picture!


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