Monday, 13 September 2010

I have worms

Darcy (official wormery guard)
Worms. Yes, this family loves them. They munch quietly in their special box all that is popped within. They are supreme in their greenness - but tiger coloured (tiger in name too). The liquid plant feed they generate is heaven for plants and goes such a long way diluted and stored for months.
I love visiting them each morning.
We bought our wormery from: who were excellent all round, but there are plenty of sites selling a range of models and a wealth of information out there.
If you cannot fit in a compost heap (both is best of course) then a wormery is for you! Personally, we rather prefer interacting with tiger worms.


  1. I have tiger worm envy, big time! I'm sure there must be a little nook of our garden where I can fit a wormery too... hmmm... just wait til Mr Bun gets home!
    Congrats on your worming success!
    D x

  2. Oooh,yey for worms. I had so many worms at the top of my compost bin the other day that I could actually hear them moving!


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