Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thursday in the Garden ~ beware

It is always a wise thing ...
... to be ever ready to ward-off predators ...
but now that September has arrived there are other predators in the garden - not just us - 
(those Mrs H is both fascinated and unnerved by)
I monitored while she squeezed by webs and spiders with her ladder. She put up a birdie house (sweet of her to plan ahead for Spring - for US and not the birdies - but don't let her know we said that).
Apparently she has reason to believe that birdies appreciate such places to roost during the Winter months (and WE certainly can't wait to see).
I'm bored by birdie boxes - where are my apple footie balls..?
Last week Darcy said his farewell to Summer, yet this week while we were outside there was a wealth of colourful flowers so we asked Mrs H to capture the September blooms in our garden with her little camera and share them with you all...
...not quite farewell to Summer yet!
Remember to visit Jonesie and find out what has been happening over her place and in all the other kitties gardens this week (just scroll down on Jonesie’s blog and follow the links).


  1. Your garden is fabulous ! all flowers are beautiful : )
    and we love your sign : )

    Everyday Mr Puddy

  2. We love nomming all the new spiders that have appeared in the garden. Sometimes we even bring mum some to play with. She doesn't seem to appreciate them though

  3. Wow! You still got some great flowers blooming, Darcy and Bing! They are beautiful!!

  4. We need one of those signs too! And your garden flower photos are just gorgeous - you still have so many beautiful things blooming and growing.

  5. Can we borrow that sign. We want to show it to a little manipulative woofie we know!

    Love all your flowers, just lovely. Our yard is a bit of a mess because dad and Figaro have been building stuff so the gardens are a bit overgrown. Sigh.

  6. You have LOTS of flowers still blooming in your lovely garden!

    Our mom is shuddering over the spider, though. ;-P

  7. The flowers are so purrty. We has lots of spider webs here too.

  8. Oh! Your garden is colorful and full of blooms still. Mommy's is just greenery now..all the flowers went to sleep I think. I only get to supervise through the window. I would love to be out there taking care of it as you two are, Darcy and Bingley.

    Your mommy has ensured that you will have a fun time in Spring and maybe even in the Winter with that birdy house. I know you'll take very good care of your guest birdies.
    purrs and bonks

  9. We love the sign! You are naughty to chase birdies. We hope you practice Catch and Release

  10. Your garden is still looking amazing. Those blooms are almost as gorgeous as the two of you!


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