Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thursday in the garden ~ tourist

We went to Bath over the weekend to visit Mr and Mrs H Senior. It was beautiful weather - sunny and crisp. It was decided at committee level that Bingley and I should be allowed to go into the garden. Bing didn't want to (he was a bit scared). I went forth alone.
... well not quite alone because Mrs H was on my tail..
I was determined to lose her...
.. no one catches a determined Mr Darcy. I made a run for it and squeezed through the beech hedge and then through the wire...
I was FREE. I ran and ran. I had timed this well because Mrs H Senior had just come into the garden with a tray of coffee and I anticipated that Mrs H would drink that first before coming after me. I was wrong. She got a step ladder and looked over all the hedges for me (I hid behind a conifer). There was considerable shouting and a commotion which I found easy to ignore on account of all the birdies and different smells. I don't know how long it actually took (but it wasn't long enough), I suddenly spotted Mrs H coming at me (I don't know how she got through the hedges because she is A LOT bigger than me). I didn't like the look on her face. I decided to cut my losses and allow her to pick me up. She stomped off with me back up the lane to the house.
I retreated to sit under the grandfather clock and Mrs H drank cold coffee.
Thursday in the garden this week was not as I had dreamed (and I think Mrs H feels the same).

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  1. Darcy, you are a little minx !
    Fancy getting Mrs H all worked up like that and have here clambering through hedges to find you !!
    It's always good to explore what's around you before going far afield, as the quote goes "your treasure is in your own backyard".
    I shall have to give you double squeezy cuddles next time I see you !
    D x

  2. Wow, that what a pretty cool escape, Darcy. And the fact that you let Mrs H pick you up in the end makes you a very good boy again. Nice!
    About the very last photo on our blog today: Mom actually laughed and laughed when she saw this pig. It's so fat it can hardly walk, the poor thing. when it lied down it was shuffling around, making horrible noises as if it were in pain. But it was just trying to get comfortable. Maybe to many treats are not a good idea after all... ;)
    Siena & Chilli

  3. Brilliant, lovely to hear your adventures Mr D. There is nothing more stressful than taking ones pussy cats to unknown gardens! We did it once in 1986....... never again! x

  4. were SO busted!

    We admire your adventurous spirit, but if you want to see the outdoors again, you are going to have to behave!

    Nice work though.

  5. Good job, Mr. Darcy! It's too bad humans are so strict, isn't it?

    Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. our mom says she completely understands how your mum feels! She won't even let us go out in our own garden because we would do the same thing.

  6. Oh! Mr Darcy! You are so BRAVE! But you are also so SMART for letting your mommy come and pick you up. I see you were under the clock perhaps to think about having gone away too far without Mommy!

  7. Fenris got in trouble for refusing to come when he was busy smelling rabbit scents, so we completely understand your desire to explore.

  8. You are so brave! But also a little reckless. Bet your survunts were glad to see you back all in one piece.

  9. Great Explore Darcy. I follow your tail every motion. It was fun !

  10. Darcy, that is why you are such a good Naughty Kitty Club member - you are just naughty enough!

  11. Sounds like you had fun, until Mrs. H caught you, Darcy. :) That was nice of you to let her pick you up!

  12. what a lovely garden. I really like the lawn and wish I had one.


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