Wednesday, 1 September 2010

moments of distraction

Sometimes I see a house that could be a home, a different and splendid home that leaves me agog with curiosity. A home that makes the mediocrity of living in a 'standard' house almost unbearable..
...the damp mossy smell to a garden soaked by early morning rain
...with the wild weather and views, a home that would be exhilarating
...not the ending but a beginning to that unreal dream
and this little one with its sweet private walled garden... afford me the delicious last moments of distraction. The vanity and joy of hope which forces me to suspend breath in delight.


  1. Ah yes, fantasy homes - there are so many, and so disparate too!
    We've just come home from an evening in Wells and I saw such a beautiful house and in another life I would love to live in it :-)
    Especially I love that it is possible to totally regenerate ones life by moving house and it allows us to energise all aspects of our lives in such deep and profound ways. I firmly believe that environment is a huge influence on who, what and how we are.
    Wonderful photos dear - that was a lovely visit we had to Polperro.
    D xx

  2. Oh, my....Those lovely photos certainly don't help me practice gratitude for my tiny townhouse with its leaky basement and desperately-in-need-of-a-complete-overhaul bathroom and kitchen.


  3. Great photographs of beautiful, unique homes; they are all inviting and lovely...We are moving into a new home at the end of the month; after 22 years in this house, packing up seems overwhelming=I'll be so glad when it's over!!...Hope you have a wonderful, happy Wednesday.

  4. I have a million and one "homes" that I see on my travels that I could so easiley move into. xxx


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