Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dare Devil Sky Diving Cats

GUESS WHAT we found out!? Our Mrs H is a secret dare devil. Not only this but she is about to take her life into her own hands, risk everything ... even OUR wellbeing! If it goes horribly wrong WHO will feed us.. groom us, cuddle and do the 'hide and seek' game with us? WHO will clean our noses, pick grit off our bushy tails, kiss our toes?! WHO?!
... SHE is going to jump out of a plane for a charity called Deafax ....
Okay, if WE were involved... there is afterall something in it for US (birdies)!
...Bingley has been trying to sweet-purr her out of it... (roses and everything)...
But I, the bold, strong, smouldering Darcy... well, I have taken an altogether tougher line!
"DON'T DO IT, if YOU DO, the frog gets it!

 We have been told that the whole experience from take off to landing lasts about 25 minutes. SHE will experience 40 seconds in freefall from 10,000 ft before the parachute opens at 5000ft giving HER approximately 5 minutes under the parachute. SHE will be freefalling at 120mph (HOW can SHE catch a birdie at that speed!!).

Sponsor HER?    More information about HER on Just Giving (no obligation just appreciation if you do want to give)


  1. Oh my goodness! My mom would never be brave enough to do that. She does crazy stuff, but jumping out of a ::gulp:: plane? And are just too cute for words. You are already prepped for talk like a pirate day!!!!

  2. OH my gosh! That is crazy. Crazy cool! One of these days I might just have to do that.

  3. Mom used to parachute too (when she was in her twenties)(years ago) ~ she said it is amazing and everyone should try it at least once. She said it's the nearest yoo get to feeling like a birdie.
    Sky sport was her thing so she also flew small aeroplanes, paracended, hot air ballooned, glided (she was in her university gliding team). Hope your mom has fun!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  4. Skydiving is great fun! My sister and I did it many years ago, and enjoyed it big time. We went tandum, so there wasn't much to worry about...I'm not sure I'd go alone though. Good luck!!


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