Sunday, 24 January 2010

Like a butterfly

Life can, at times, feel fleeting. As if one is flitting around like a butterfly, with all its frailty and brilliance. But I know that life is not just a matter of flowers. It can be in fact, a difficult and prosaic business. And here is the reason to relish the beautiful, often simple things of life. Infuse a day with them. Develop such a power of discernment of these simple pleasures that, like the butterfly, they show up with increasing brilliance. With the snowy conditions we have had, the heavy grey skies followed by a dull dampness, I have delighted in the few blooms that are out.

Amaryllis in its 3rd year

Hellebores springing up like trophies

and the first time ever that an Orchid has lived with me to bloom again (thank you Denise for suggesting that I throw away the Orchid Growers Handbook!)


  1. Neglect all the way with Orchids, that's the best advice!
    Well done you for getting the second flowering, ours are shooting so buds should appear soon.
    I hope that as you go through your days, butterfly-like, that you are taking every opportunity to sit and be still. Certainly the blooms you've shown will encourage you to slow down....
    Wishing you a slower week ahead!
    Denise x

  2. Oh it's me again!
    Thank you for all your comments yesterday :-)
    You may have seen on my blog that your name didn't come 'out of the jug' for PIF - never mind! I am going to send you a little treat for having offered to take part.... it will arrive in the next couple of weeks (once I know what it is I am sending!!)
    Have a happy Tuesday,
    Denise x

  3. "Neglect all the way for Orchids" ~ they sound just the flowers for me to grow! I'm hopelessly un-green-fingered!

    Jan x
    (Milo and Alfie's mom)


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