Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday in the Garden

...And then it snowed again, fat flakes that fell all night and all day toppling over the plants and wrenching down some of our guttering. It found a way into the bedroom forming a damp patch on the ceiling. But we all loved it. 
Darcy ventured out, Bingley not so brave (or foolish).

This is how much snow had fallen at 8.00am

Darcy on the prowl

heading for cover ...

.. to watch the birdies...

Snug, warm Bingley ("get me out there..? gotta be joking!")

Finally Darcy returns for a bit of birdie watching from comfort...


  1. A beautiful winter wonderland!

  2. Wow that is a lot of snow! We are with you Bingley - we would stay in where it is warm too! Actually, it is snowing here and there is no way we would go out there!

  3. I think we'd have to agree with Bingley on the staying in option. We tried going out, but the snow got stuck to our underbelly fluff and then the catflap got frozen shut, so we had to pound on the door to be let in. We'll just stay sleeping in front of the radiator until the nasty white stuff has all disappeared! Phoebe and Tinker (the Textile Treasure Seeker cats) xxx

  4. Gosh! And we thought we had lots of snow! It looks like somebody has been frothing up the snow in your garden as it looks so full and fluffy. Methinks Bingley is very sensible to stay indoors, Macy and Milly only venture out for the loo - oh, and for Milly to lick the lard on the homemade fatballs..... yuk!!
    Happy days dear,
    Denise x

  5. So much snow everywhere! Boys, we can only repeat ourselves, but it's intersting to see how your colouring changes. You look "darker" to us again!

  6. The snow looks absolutely beautiful! We just love snow. You are brave to go out in it.

  7. Hi Helen,
    It's Monday morning here and I am off to work, but I would be happy to try and help you set up a second blog, if I can remeber how.

    Have a good day, keep warm and toasty and I hope you don't have too much more snow.

    Julie Q

  8. Hi helen,
    I have figured it out for you. If you go into the page where you go to make a new post. In the upper right hand side is a selection of things - Dashboard, my account, help.

    Select Dashboard, then it should tell you how many blogs you are magaging, and beside that it will say create a blog. I think you just load up that and it will then let you have another blog.

    I am not sure how to have two different sign offs though, and have to use Poppy Q to comment for both of my blogs.

    If that doesn't work, you can email me at (all little letters), and I will be happy to try and assist.

    Good luck.

    Julie and Poppy Q


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