Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday in the Garden (and chaotic road)

Yesterday, we went together (Mrs H and Darcy), to investigate the great icicle forming beside the conservatory. This picture belies its true length, it is NOW double that and thicker!

Darcy ~ out to seek and find
In the early hours this morning, it snowed ALOT MORE. We were up most of the night watching cars outside the house skidding, spinning and crashing! I (Bing), scratched the door as loud as possible, to alert Mrs H because she was missing all the fun. She eventually came down but I was surpised to see that she didn't seem pleased or excited at all, just grumpy.

The Police came and knocked on our door. We assumed they wanted to cuddle us, but instead they asked Mr H to go and help dig out cars. We purred him on from the window and Mrs H made cups of tea for cold humans.


  1. WOW! Yoo certainly have had lots of snow. Those poor motorists! And the Police and emergency services work so hard too. Thank goodness your mom made them hot tea to warm them up.
    Stay warm.

    Milo and Alfie xx

  2. Hello there Darcy and Bingley,
    We had more snow on Wednesday - the Buns had to clear a path to the garden for us, again! Milly wanted some fat ball from the bird table, but Mrs Bun had got wise to her antics and hidden it in the tree. Mostly we spent the day hugging those warm white metal things that are on the walls...
    Today it is warmer so the snow is melting. We've been in the garden a bit more and even spotted grass pushing through the snow!
    We hope your snow melts soon and you can play in the garden much more,
    Have a purrrrfect rest of the week,
    Macy and Milly xxx

  3. Your mom and dad are very considerate to help out those drivers and to make tea (obviously not in that order, 9 never listens to me about how important order is...).

    Darcy, do you like the cold snow between your toes?

    warm purrs,
    9 and Chani

  4. Happy Weekend to you!
    I've awarded you a Sunshine Blog award over at my place - for bringing a ray of sunshine to my days and lots of inspiration too :-)
    Denise x

  5. That looks like fun!! (not!!) Glad its on the way out for a while now. PS Love your blog

  6. Oh, what an exciting and interesting day. Good thing you were inside and not outside. Glad your Mom made tea. Be careful of that icicle. Miss E had one that broke a piece of the roof one time.

    Ninja, Bambi and Spyder

  7. I saw this and thought of you!!

    D xx


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