Monday, 11 January 2010

A space of her own

There has been some subterfuge afoot here. We have sniffed it out well and good. SHE has gone forth and set up HER OWN blog! Can you believe it!? But, yes she has! She says SHE has things to write, to share, and to ask, and that having HER own blog is the perfect place in which to do this! We are reluctantly prepared to showcase HER new blog here, but our offer comes with conditions:
  1. double rations for at least a week, of that wet food we love best
  2. allowed to sleep on the bed at night with HER and HIM for a night (but we want longer - Darcy snores and we all compete for the central hot spot - it's an issue)
  3. that you all keep visiting US, even if - as we know she desperately hopes - you do visit HER
... OK, so here is HER blog  Happiness Kindled 


  1. You're being very grand about it. And your price is almost nothing. You must be very pleased (secretly of course) with your human.

  2. Mmh, our mom had her own blog when I came and took it over. So we got our Cat with a Garden blog. I'm not sure if it's okay the other way round. Your mom HAS to promise to still post on your bloggie a lot!
    Purrs, Siena

  3. Well it is very nice of you to mention her blog here! We think that you should get at least one night in the bed but probably longer would be more fair! Or if not then double food for a little more then a week!

  4. No worry boys!
    You're fan club spreads far and wide, so there will still be plenty of attention for you. Oh and by the way, here's hoping you get plenty of meaty pouches this week...
    D x

  5. Hi, I saw you over at Cliff and Olivia's and decided to come and say Mieow. I live in a warm place and never see snow, so it is a treat to see you lovely kitties frolicking in the snow.

  6. That is wonderful. I shall take a look; but I thinks you need to add a few more demands, er, suggestions, to your list.

  7. Our Mom's gonna pop over to read it straight away!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  8. Our mom has her own pottery blog too. However, we make sure that she updates our blog first and more often.

    9 and Chani


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