Sunday, 31 January 2010

What Does Nature Mean to You?

From a child, Nature wove her spells about me, wooing me to seek her. I needed little encouragement as it stands, to get outside and stay outside, discovering her charms. Agog with curiosity. Today, as an adult so much of my memory is made up of a recollection, an experience, a picture of Nature. When I am all huff and hurry with pressure of work or other concerns, I step outside and it is with Nature where I find again that rare tranquility which reflects more faithfully my temperament.

Nature never fails to mix her usual sedative. Last night I stood outside amongst the flower borders which are blown to wet ribbons, a damp mossy smell to the garden soaked by rain yet high in the sky behind the black clouds a ragged scrap of blue just visible. I stood where the light centred, drawn to its crimson vivid shine as the sun set and felt dwarfed to small dimensions by it, in just the same way that I always have. 

My passion for the natural world is a fundamental part of who I am.  You see, Nature has always been a feature of my life just like an older sibling.  Nature knows me and I know her on a deep-rooted level.  We are always our own true selves together.  

Nature offers me constant comfort and advice, surprising me with moments of magical awe, then other times upsetting me by her ruthlessness and primal instinct.  She is my guide, my ally, she is my sunlight, my shadow.  She teaches me when I take time to stop, look and listen to her wisdom.  At times I cry for her when she is abused by humankind, built over, polluted, slaughtered - yet as the tears subside she reminds me that she is all history, all present, all future - survival is her heart beat.  Her days are as centuries, my life with her is just a snowflake in her hand. 


  1. My favourite quote is by Einstein:

    "Look deep into Nature and you will understand everything better" ..

    It's sooooo true!


  2. I grew up camping. Loved walking around the trees & exploring. To this day, I still enjoy it. A slow walk listening to birds. Nothing like it. I now live in the woods surrounded by birds.

    Can the boys be guest bloggers every once in a while ?

  3. ths is beautiful ... i love your words....
    to me nature is everything,the ebb and flow of life all tied together... we are privaledged everyday to see her beauty and be in awe of her power...
    i am so glad i popped over here...
    love to you both (and a big ((hug)) for you Densie as iknow things are so very sad and difficult just now)
    warmest wishes
    ginny x

  4. Hi there! Thank you so much for following my Being-Desi Blog!!
    I am so glad i made a stop at your blogs...fabulous!

    Your photo reminded me of my post in July 2009.
    see here

    Have a gr8 day!!


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