Friday, 12 February 2010

hold the front page

Hum. That brother of mine... he has such 'leading man tom' tendencies. Look what he is up to now, gotten himself on the front page of a magazine. What he knows about lean muscles is anyone's guess (he certainly hasn't got any), and the only 'lady' he has met is the Miss ginger from a few doors down and I don't think she liked the look of him (that is what I told him, he he).
Oh well, its just a case of waiting for our tour bus to show up. Have I told you about that? Us boys have been signed up by Simon Cowell. See you when we get back (not sure about the pink but its the only colour they do).


  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before you became famous!!! Purrr...

  2. Dear Bingley and Darcy
    You will steal the show on Britain's Got Talent that is for sure - you gorgeous creatures!
    Hey and your new blog header picture is just so smart - I love it!
    Happy weekend beautiful boys (and Mr/Mrs H !)
    D x

  3. Pink is cool ~ it's the noo black!

    Have a wonderful Valentine weekend.

  4. You look Marvelous Darling !!!


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